SANTA MONICA—According to a tweet released by Santa Monica Police Department, two youths were apprehended by police Monday, May 15, following their involvement in an armed robbery and accidental discharge of a firearm. Subsequent investigations found the youths to be connected to several other crimes that occurred in the area, including residential and vehicle burglaries, auto theft, and a stabbing.

Police initially received a 911 report of an armed robbery that occurred at the intersection of 3rd Street and Idaho Avenue on Monday, May 15. A delivery driver told police that he was threatened by two suspects, one with a firearm pointed at him when the theft took place. 

While in the area investigating the robbery, approximately 20 minutes later another 911 call reported shots fired in the 800 block of 3rd Street. Police discovered that both suspects from the armed robbery were located inside a residence. One of the suspects accidentally discharged the firearm, shooting themself in the hand. Police apprehended both of the suspects; the uninjured youth was transported to juvenile hall. The injured youth was taken to a hospital for treatment and subsequently transported to juvenile hall the next day.

Both suspects have been charged with armed robbery and all other additional charges are pending. The Santa Monica Police Department urges anyone with information pertaining to this incident or persons involved to contact Santa Monica Police Department Criminal Investigations during business hours at 310-458-8451.