STUDIO CITY—On Sunday, June 20, Patrick Lewis, of Studio City, announced on his Instagram that an Uber Eats driver stole his cat in front of his home on June 15.

The 18-year-old Calico cat named Hog is on video being taken by an Uber Eats driver who was delivering food to his upstairs neighbors at the time. Hog appears to have put up a fight before being forced into the delivery driver’s car.

“Earlier this week, an @ubereats driver stole my beloved cat Hog from in front of our place,” Lewis wrote on his Instagram. “If you know me you probably know Hog. We’ve been together 18 years. I hope that this @uber and @postmates driver made a mistake but the company knows about it, has seen this video, and is not helping in getting her returned to her family. The boys miss her, the entire neighborhood misses her. She even inspired portraits by neighbors through the years. And yes- this is an uber eats driver delivering food to neighbors and stealing my girl.”

The video can be viewed on Lewis’s Instagram at