UCLA Police Arrest Groping Suspect

WESTWOOD—Rafael Morales Salgado, 28, was arrested on Friday, May 15 after an incident in which he allegedly groped a UCLA student on school grounds.

His arrest came after a female student reported that she was groped by a man described as a Hispanic male standing about 5 feet and six inches tall and weighing 160 pounds. Salgado was wearing blue medical scrubs, a grey blazer, and white jeans at the time of his arrest.

UCLA police
Rafael Morales Salgado. Photos courtesy of the UCLA Police Department.

Salgado, a Los Angeles native, was released Saturday after his booking for a misdemeanor sexual battery citation.

Anyone with knowledge about the assault is urged to contact the UCLA Police Department at 310-825-1491, referring to report No. 15-0960.

If assaulted, authorities have advised that it is better to dial 911 than to directly confront their assailant themselves.