HOLLYWOOD—Vanna White, 66, has recently signed a new deal to return as host of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

This new deal involves a significant salary increase but according to reports she isn’t getting the salary raise she asked for. According to TMZ, White asked for half of what retiring host Pat Sajak makes which is just over $400,000 per episode. She settled for the lower amount and although it isn’t the amount she initially asked for, it is still a significant increase compared to her previous contract.

Negotiations for White staying on the main show have been paused due to the writers strike. Her contracts runs through 2024. Sony has not made it clear if they are going to be flexible with White’s requests.

Her lawyer, Bryan Friedman, negotiated the deal for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. White’s gig on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune was reaching its expiration date while she still has one more year in her contract for syndication. Friedman requested that Sony go through a third-party familiar with game shows to gauge both White and Sajak’s roles and their significance to the show to generate a fair figure.

White is negotiating the pay disparity between her and Sajak to be addressed because they are considered co-hosts of the game show by many. In the show’s announcement the pair are introduced together. “Here are the stars of our show, Pat Sajak and Vanna White.”

According to reports White’s salary is $3 million a year and she hasn’t received a pay increase for the last 18 years. Since 2005, White has received bonuses but not raises. Sajak reportedly makes about $15 million a year which is 5 times the amount White makes. TMZ reported that Sony Pictures believes that they overpaid Sajak and don’t want to use his large salary for comparability.

Allegedly, White wants to stay on Wheel of Fortune but would consider walking out if she doesn’t get a “minimum of what is fair.”

Host Pat Sajak announced that he will be retiring from Wheel of Fortune in June of 2024 after its 41st season. Ryan Seacrest, 48, will be taking over as host of Wheel of Fortune in Season 42 and will also serve as a consulting producer. Wheel of Fortune has been renewed through its 45th season. It is unknown what Seacrest will be paid for the gig.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune offers $1 million to the winning celebrity benefitting a charity of their choice. Celebrities that have appeared on the show included RuPaul, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Janelle James among others.