HOLLYWOOD—The world of streaming content hit its pinnacle during the pandemic when people were forced to stay in their homes, however, nowadays streaming has seriously gotten out of hand when it comes to pricing. It started off affordable, but it has reached the point that the cost of having a ton of various streaming services is the same price or higher than the cost of Cable.

It is one thing when the streaming service you’re paying for has a ton of content like Max formerly HBO Max (don’t ask about the name change), Disney+ or Paramount+, but when you have streamers like Peacock, Bet+, Apple TV+, Starz and MGM+ just to name a few, wanting to charge between $6 and $10 per month and they don’t have a lot of content that is a problem for me.

I am one of those Americans who have yet to cut the cable cord. I like the notion of turning the TV on and clicking the guide or channel surfing to watch what it is I want to watch. That is more exciting than opening an app, scrolling thru a ton of content and not finding anything you want to watch. Plus I don’t want to have to exit this app to go into another app. It is just way too much.

Recently, I learned my Peacock subscription was rising which I had part of my Cable package for like the past 3 to 4 years. They asked if I wanted to renew and I said no. Why? There really isn’t enough exclusive content on Peacock for me to want to pay an extra $7 to $8 a month. I can put that money towards a bill America I’m sorry. The same goes for Starz which I currently have, but there is no content I’m watching at the moment. I’m not going to keep paying for something if I’m not getting anything out of it.

If I’m paying for a premium channel or a streaming service I want to use it on a consistent basis. I can always find something to watch on Paramount+ and Disney+, not to mention there hasn’t been a day I have not wanted something on HBO, sorry, I’m not calling it MAX. HBO provides the most channels and the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to content for me. It was great during the pandemic seeing blockbuster movies on the streaming service and not going to the theater out of fear of catching COVID-19 or just not wanting to be in a theater.

Do I think the studios should keep that motto going? Yes, maybe make it even better by allowing those who are paying for the streamer to receive a discount on movie tickets for big budget flicks hitting the theater. If you want people to go to the theater, you have to make it worthwhile. Some movies arriving directly to a streaming service works, for others it does not; it varies. However, paying $20 per month for a streaming service is just ridiculous.

I do believe for cable providers if they want to prevent more cord cutting they need to allow the consumer to purchase channels ala cart. You should NOT force someone to pay separate for a package for a single channel they want, which is not included in the package they actually want. I find that absurd and just stupid and reckless.

These streaming services have gotten so smart they are slowly, but surely raising the prices here and there so the consumer doesn’t recognize it, but before you know it, you’ve spent $50 to $100 in a single year on a streaming service you never watch. Guess what that is money that can be spent elsewhere people. How about groceries, a bill, transportation, your weekly treat, the list goes on and on. We as Americans are not thinking about how we spend money and as a result we are starting to pay the price with our bank accounts and wallets.

If you have 15 different streaming channels that all add up to close to $120 to $150 guess what, you’re better off getting cable where you’ll like you have all that content and some. Yes, cable tends to overcharge here and there on certain content, it is what it is, but unless you can find a way to lock in a rate that is not fluctuating constantly.

Look this is not me advocating cable TV because these studios overcharge as well, and they know it. The key is the consumer should not have to continue to spend more for less. You’re getting less with a lot of these streaming services and they know it. It is time for them to give the consumer the biggest bang for their buck and stop attempting to rob us blind when we’re not looking.