HOLLYWOOD—It has been a very long time since we had exceptional villains on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” I mean I thought Helena Cassadine was great, but perhaps one of the greatest villains was Cesar Faison. We have two great ones emerging: Peter August and Cyrus Renault. I will argue Cyrus is a major threat, but his villainy is not as scary or fun to watch as Peter’s. That is right Peter August has fully embraced his villainy and its one of the best things the writers could have done. Why?

The character is a hoot to watch. The writers toyed with the idea of making Peter a full blown villain, but now that all his shenanigans are out there, there is nowhere for him to hide people. The guy murdered Franco Baldwin in cold blood, framed Jason Morgan for it, has made a deal with the Devil in Cyrus Renault, issued threats with so many people in Port Charles; it’s obvious a murder mystery will soon take focus with Peter as the catalyst.

Peter’s threat level accelerated this week after he poisoned Finn’s coffee, but a game of Lazy Susan points to Jackie, Chase or Gregory being on the receiving end of that cup of poison not the intended target. Anna and Valentin took matters into their own hands by holding Peter at gunpoint and holding him hostage in Anna’s basement.

Peter was not happy and continued to issue threats, letting Anna know that someone she cares about dearly is in danger.  If Anna can kill her own twin sister, what makes Peter think she will not take down her nephew who has killed and placed the lives of many people she cares about in danger? Valentin pulling a gun on Peter was no surprise, but Anna doing it, showed she meant business. Peter might think he got a leg up on his foes, but nothing will prepare him for the plan Maxie and Britt has to fake her baby’s death to ensure her safety from the man who she once planned to marry.

It is damn risky, but it makes me also wonder that Peter might be sticking around much longer than expected. His date with the Grim Reaper may not be sooner than I expected. Especially if Maxie and Britt someone can use Brook Lynn’s fake pregnancy to their advantage, but that only opens an entire door of chaos with trying to fool Valentin, and a host of other people in the process, so Maxie and Britt should be careful with the plan of action they are considering.

Peter is making waves, but so is Cyrus whose threat level has increased people. How so? Well he has entangled people in his battle to locate Florence that we never expected, Nikolas Cassadine being at the forefront. I mean Nikolas is a fearless foe, but he’s never tangled with a Devil like Cyrus people. Cyrus made threats against Alexis, who stupidly (I’m sorry it was stupid to plead guilty) to attempted murder on Dante Falconeri. I guess this was the writers way of attempting to deliver Alexis some redemption arc. She’s in the slammer and with Cyrus lurking and issuing threats, it got to Nikolas, who was determined to locate Florence in an attempt to neutralize Cyrus’ threat to his aunt.

Laura was nervous and warned her son to not get involved with his uncle, just as Ava attempted to plead her case to her former hubby to be. I mean she’s getting threats of her own, a sawed off hand. It seems like Ryan, but Laura made a great point it might be Cyrus trying to get under Nikolas and Ava’s skin people. There is so much development in the relationship world. Curtis and Jordan are getting a divorce, Portia and Curtis are getting closer, Jordan and Taggert are getting closer, so it was just a matter of time before these couples swapped, but it’s heartbreaking people.

Michael and Willow finally gave into temptation and admitted they wanted to be with one another. Yeah, it is so obvious the writers are pairing Sasha with Brando, and Chase with Brook Lynn who is faking her pregnancy by the way people. Speaking of Chase, he really thinks he has a chance with Willow, but does he not know heartache is in his future. The problem is Willow couldn’t deliver her truth because Chase was the one poisoned by Peter’s vial and is in the hospital. Yeah, it will NOT take long for Valentin and Anna to connect the dots people.

Nina is still being wooed by ‘Mike’ aka Sonny, while she is being investigated by Phyllis’ friend Elijah. Not sure where this tale is actually going, but I am intrigued people. Peter August is actually excelling in the department of villainy compared to his father Cesar Faison. The question now remains who will be his next target?