BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Gigi”, and I’m a two year old mix of some sort – I’m not really sure what –  but does that really matter?  Look at that smile on my face and you’ll see that I’m a happy girl, and that’s the main thing.

 I’m also very smart.  I can give handshakes, high fives, and know the command to sit.  I learned those things very fast, and I’m willing and able to learn lots more.
I get along just fine with big dogs, but sorry, not little ones – and sorry, again – not cats, either.  Older children would be ok, but I’m a little too energetic for younger ones.  I guess you could call me “high energy”. I love to go for walks, and jogging sounds like fun, too.

 I’m medium size, so I’ll fit into any life style that you might have. I’m housetrained on “wee wee” pads.  So, if it’s raining, or if it’s too hot or too cold for you to go out, that should suit you – and me  – just fine!

 I sure would love to be part of a family.  I have lots of love that’s ready to be given to someone that will love me back. There are so many of us here that are waiting for loving homes – both dogs and cats. You can see all of us if you check:

 Note:  PLEASE spay and neuter your pets, and don’t let them wander.  Did you know that one female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six years – and, one female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years?  So, I repeat, please spay and neuter your pets, so that one day there won’t be strays and unwanted pets in shelters.  And, there won’t be thousands of feral cats that, sadly, are left to fend for themselves.

 If anyone would like to volunteer to walk dogs, or help in the cattery, we’d love to hear from you!  Won’t you give us a call?

 FRIENDS OF ANIMALS 310-479-5089