BEVERLY HILLSMy name is Jack, and as you can see, I’m very comfortable resting my head on my sister, Tandy. We are two of nine pups born on January.  Three of our siblings have been adopted, and so have our mom and dad.  We are among the four girls and two boys that are still waiting to be part of loving families. 
 Our mom is a beautiful Setter mix, and our dad is a handsome Whippet, so that made a great mix for us kids.  We all have very different and unusual coloring, but, I’ve heard say, that we all have a very sweet and loving disposition, so in that way, we’re all the same.

 Don’t forget, we’re just puppies, and that means you have lots to teach us.  We don’t know right from wrong.  So, we don’t know what is okay to pick up and chew, especially if it’s on the floor. It’s a good idea to give us lots of chew toys that were made just for us. That way we won’t chew on a shoe or sock, and upset you, and our stomach!

 Oh, yes, we have to be taught where you want us to do our “business”!  We’re very smart kids, so I’m sure that we will learn fast.  Just be sure to take us out every couple of hours until we get the hang of it and give us lots of praise when we get it right!

 I’ve heard that we should never be fed from the table, as that’s a bad habit to get into. So, never do it even  once, or that will be the start of us begging, and it will be annoying to everyone.  And, remember that there are many foods that we should never, ever have.  A few are onions (in any form), chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts and xylotol (found in sugarless gum and baked goods).

 Another very important thing is to be sure to keep a collar and tag on us at all times, and be sure that the information is up to date.  As an added, and permanent ID, please have us micro-chipped too.

 More important than anything else, please be sure that you are ready for a lifetime commitment, no matter what may come your way.  We are part of your family, not to be discarded when we become old or ill, or due to any personal situation that may come up. We will love you with all our heart, and hope that you will love us the same way, forever.

 You can see our brothers and sisters on our website at: – or, why not call for an appointment to see us in person?

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