BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Josh”, and I’m also known as the clown around here! Put me on the couch and I’ll roll all over the place.  That’s what happened when they were trying to take my picture.  Finally, someone got a squeaky toy to get my attention, and it helped, just for a second, that is, and what you see here is the result.  My once perfectly brushed hair is all messed up, but that’s the way I like it!  It puts a smile on my face as well as everyone else’s.

Now to get serious. I’m putting on a happy face, but inside I’m really sad.  You see, I was adopted from FOAF about five years ago and I was such a happy little boy.  However, because of illness in the family they couldn’t take care of me anymore, so now I’m back and waiting for someone to come along that will take care of me forever.

I’m about ten years old, so inspite of my clownish ways I’m a mature little boy, and I want you to know that I have very good manners.  I would love to be in a home where I am your one and only.  I do like my walks and I’m a very good cuddler, all twelve pounds of me.

Are you in need of a good laugh?  If you are, be sure to come in to see me go through my couch routine.  I guarantee that it will make you laugh out loud!  And, maybe you’ll decide you’d like to have me around to make you laugh every day. That sure would be nice!