UNITED STATES—What do you know about Internet security while travelling the world? Is it even something you should care about before going to France, China, or Spain? How often have you asked yourself about the Internet security while connecting to a public network somewhere in a hotel lobby?

In case you are not aware, any public network in a coffee shop, airport, hotel, department store, or restaurant is not secure at all. No matter what country or city it is. Doing any operations online while using a free WiFi zone is equally dangerous in Spain, US, Australia, or UK. Does it mean you shouldn’t bring your devices with you? Of course, no. For secure Internet connection, we recommend getting a VPN. Why? Let’s have a look. But firstly, check VPNs for travelling rating to be aware of the best services on the market at the moment.

Using Public Wi-Fi While Travelling

VPN is the first thing you should think of, if you care about protecting your private and financial data on the road. Why a VPN? It is a multifunctional solution to main network problems you might have on a trip. Imagine a situation when you need to do banking online while being somewhere in Italy. What is the first thing you’re going to need to do this? Of course, the Internet. Probably you will go to the nearest coffee shop to get it. And probably you won’t be the only person, who use the same network in that coffee shop. And what if someone of those visitors is a hacker who is trying to steal any kind of information to get some money?

In fact, one doesn’t need to be a professional hacker to extract personal data from other devices and get the passwords and nicknames of other people in the same public network. Even an amateur can do this. So, how to protect your devices? Get a VPN.

A VPN is a virtual private network, based on the encrypted technology. It works in the way, which enables other devices except yours to decode your traffic and get access to your personal data. Though there are a lot of services on the market, all of them work according to the same principle and have similar functions. If you want, go to Bestvpnrating.com to see the whole list of top VPNs at the moment.

As we have already mentioned above, a VPN is a multifunctional tool. This means it has more functions than a data protection only.

  • A VPN hides real IP address, replacing it with the address of the server you connect to.
  • It hides your personal and financial data from hackers and cyber criminals.
  • It provides you with the access to any content and platform, which is currently blocked in your region.

A VPN is especially important if you’re going to visit countries with a strict Internet censorship policy. For example, Cuba or China. In these countries, a VPN is literally a must for a tourist. So, pick a service and keep your data safe.