HOLLYWOOD—We still have two more episodes before the season eight finale of “The Walking Dead,” but jeez golly this week’s episode, ‘Do Not Lead Us Astray’ sure as hell felt like the penultimate episode because a ton of things transpired. This was one of those episodes that just clicked on so many cylinders. When we last left off, the world was under the impression that Negan was dead, but we discovered that he was being held captive by Jadis!

The episode kicked off with Morgan battling his inner demons about Gavin’s death. This can’t be good cause it looks like Morgan is starting to lose it, but we all know he’s not a goner because he is headed to the series “Fear of the Walking Dead.” The battle is on, and Carol and Ezekiel warned Henry that going into battle was not an option. Simon and the Saviors were on route to the Hilltop, with Dwight in tow, however, Maggie, Rick, Carol and all the others were ready for war.

Simon just seems to love being in charge, but I feel his ego is about to be a major downfall, one that will be so epic to watch. Simon demanded payment, but Maggie refused to deliver the goods, without taking out 38 Saviors that were in her possession if she had to. Wow, Simon just tossed his allies to the side as if they didn’t matter. Hmm, that indeed has to hurt for those fellow Saviors who did unspeakable things as loyalty to Negan and his cause.

Daryl and his nifty bike ambushed Simon and the Saviors as all-out war was unleashed. Dwight took cover in the backseat of the car, just as Maggie aided an ally whose wound did not look promising. This will be very interesting to see how Dwight shows his loyalty to Rick and the others without betraying Simon at the same time. Simon and his crew were walking into a trap, but had absolutely no idea. Once our hero’s unleashed gunfire, Simon and his crew found themselves at a major disadvantage.

Quite a few Saviors died, but not everyone, so it looks like Simon, Dwight and the others live to fight another day, for now anyway. After the battle, Daryl and Tara rehashed issues of the past, particularly Dwight. Tara seems to have forgiven Dwight for saving her life, but Daryl still doesn’t trust him. Hmm, I may as well call this now: it looks like Daryl will be the one to take out Dwight. My gut tells me it’s for a number of reasons, particularly Denise’s demise in season five.

Michonne attempted to make a bit of leeway with Rick who just seemed out of his element. However, he conveyed his reasoning for going after Negan when he spotted him. Maggie has indeed come into her own after enduring so much turmoil. I swear for a woman who is pregnant she sure has a ton of strength, but I do have a question to ask: why doesn’t Maggie look pregnant?

Oh, I knew Henry was going down a dark path ever since he killed Gavin, and now he’s taken a rifle. This is NOT going to bode well America, not at all. Siddiq tried to make inroads with Rick, but he was in no mood to hear anything about Carl. Wow, that is the only word I can utilize to describe how Maggie is able to keep such order within The Hilltop.

Damn, I totally forgot that Negan’s crew zombified their weaponry, and as a result Tobin was infected when he was stabbed, so were a few others. As a result, walker mayhem was unleashed inside The Hilltop in the middle of the night leading to a tense, unexpected battle. I’m screaming at the TV screen: somebody, anybody, please wake-up and warn the others! Just when you thought unrest couldn’t get worst, Henry decided to confront Gregory looking for the person who murdered his brother, Ben. Yup, I knew Henry would make a stupid move and unlock that gate, giving the Saviors an opportunity to escape and they absolutely did.

Chaos erupted as more members found themselves attacked, and Rick and company went to work to dispatch of those walkers and the countless others infected. This is bonkers, for an episode that kicked off with Rick and Co. in complete control, and now in the clutches of chaos, with their enemy having the upper hand. Carol, Rick, Maggie and Daryl realized that Negan’s plan was to utilize their weapons to infect their own people. Tara and Daryl went to battle yet again regarding Dwight, just as Maggie learned that a vast majority of the Saviors who were enslaved have escaped.

Carol, Morgan and Ezekiel went into panic mode when they were unable to locate Henry. The hallucinations continued to get worse for Morgan, just as Maggie and Co. buried several of their own. That was a loaded episode, and dare I say, after the demise of Carl, I didn’t expect such a riveting and fun episode, but this week the writers delivered. Until next week “Walking Dead” die hards!