HOLLYWOOD—Look I just have to say it, season 11 of “The Walking Dead” has not been stellar. There have been quite a few dull episodes for viewers, but things have culminated for the mid-season finale that finally delivered some action people, major action that was welcome as a fan of the series. The first of the finale ‘For Blood’ saw Daryl and The Reapers worried about the horde of walkers.

It was apparent Daryl was not happy that he was being ignored by his new ‘group.’ Looks like Wells was a bit full of himself and as a result he paid the price when he was ambushed by walkers from all directions, so much to the point that he met his maker in gruesome fashion, as Maggie and Negan implemented their master plan. Back in Alexandria, our protagonists were making plans to ensure no impending danger was headed in their direction. Pope and his gibberish is not only getting under my skin it is got damn annoying at this point people. Jeez, just say what is on your mind already dude!

Judith was busying embodying courage into Aaron’s daughter, just as Virgil alerted Judith that Michonne would be proud of her. Gracie found herself in danger and the walkers started to attack, with Rosita, Virgil and Lydia coming to her rescue. Yeah, this storm is drawing danger to Alexandria in a major way, as Pope and his minions continued to set off bombs as a way to dispatch of the walkers.

Daryl realized his pals were disguised as walkers and they might be in danger. Maggie and Gabriel got close to the compound as Daryl created a distraction for his friends to go unnoticed and make his move against the group that came after his allies. Yeah those mines are creating trouble for Negan and Maggie’s right-hand man. Rosita, afraid for her pals created a diversion by heading outside and going after the walkers to buy the gang some more time.

Leah and Pope revealed their master plan to take out the walkers, which left Daryl unnerved to say the least, just as Maggie and Gabriel got closer to getting that food to ensure their survival. Leah was flabbergasted when Daryl revealed that his people are there to get food. She felt betrayed, but it was Pope who was ready to make his move and Daryl was ready to strike people.

Maggie hi-jacked a vehicle just as one of the Reapers tried to stop her. She managed to unleash that truck tearing down the wall and unleashing walkers into their compound. Oh this is about to be a bloody mess to say the least and Pope was not happy one single bit people. Daryl was ready to strike, but Leah was the one to make the move to take out Pope by stabbing him in the neck, as Maggie was rescued by Gabriel from a distance.

Looks like Pope’s masterplan is going to end in a bloody mess people. Daryl wanted Leah to come with him, but she refused and she put a bounty out on Daryl’s life forcing him to flee without his former friend. Back in Alexandria, things were looking dire to say the least people. Gracie, damn it’s always a dumb little kid that causes problem. It led to Judith having to go rescue the little girl from the basement that was flooding, just as a horde of walkers made their way into the home, and everyone else fled to higher ground; unaware that the water seeping in was going to be a major problem. Not looking good for these kids.

Maggie, Negan and Daryl discovered they were in major trouble as that massive projectile was headed in their direction. So we are actually left with a major cliffhanger people until the second part of the finale airs on February 20, 2022. I was indeed intrigued with this episode and this delivered a lot that fans can look forward to for the rest of this season that is expected to claim more lives before it official wraps.