HOLLYWOOD—Season eight of “The Walking Dead” kicked off with Rick and the gang in a power position, however last week the tide started to turn. This week’s episode, ‘Some Guy’ saw Ezekiel, Carol and the others under attack from members of the Saviors crew. However, this episode was far more interesting than I ever expected. Why? The audience finally learned a bit about Ezekiel, members of The Kingdom and his undying quench to remain positive even in dire circumstances. Well that makes a ton of sense: Ezekiel was a zookeeper people!

Well that was all part of a flashback, before we returned to the present, and bodies were literally mangled from dozens of members from The Kingdom. Ezekiel survived, but that was a direct result of his comrades taking bullets to ensure his survival. He was distraught to learn comrades, friends and allies of his are no more; well they are alive, but as walkers, and if he didn’t move quickly he would soon become one too as walkers descended upon him.

He was forced to kill or be killed, but found an ally in one survivor, as the Saviors rearmed themselves with more firepower within a tower. However, that was short-lived as a Savior took that person out, and took Ezekiel hostage. Carol being the bad*** that she is infiltrated the compound and opened fire on several Saviors. It soon became a realization for Carol that she was in deep trouble, when she was spotted.

However, she learned they had massive firepower and was looking to transport it back to the main base. I have to admit this geeky Negan supporter hasn’t been on screen more than 5 minutes and I’m utterly annoyed by his presence. So to see him sliced in half by Jerry was pure bliss. So much talk, yet little gain. It was quite visceral to see Ezekiel in such a vulnerable place where his morality was tested. Good ole Jerry, he comes through when he is needed the most.

Carol’s decision to make a move might not have been the smartest considering she was outnumbered big time. She decided to surrender, but knowing Carol she had a plan in play people. With guns pointed at her, Carol managed to take a hostage at knifepoint, before opening that gate unleashing a bevy of walkers on unsuspecting Saviors. Jerry and Ezekiel did their best to fend off a horde of walkers, just as Carol fought back with firepower, just as she realized Ezekiel and Jerry were in danger. Yeah, Carol was going to have to make a decision: save her allies or stop a threat from gaining an edge. Tough choice people, very tough choice, especially for someone like Carol, but she did what the audience expected: she saved her pals.

With those Saviors headed to the Sanctuary, Daryl and Rick were hot on their trail, so all is not lost. Daryl found himself forced to take a tumble from his motorcycle after being shot at, just as Rick continued his pursuit. A few walkers in the road created a distraction that allowed Rick and Daryl to gain the upper hand on their enemy. Carol, Jerry and Ezekiel found themselves in a tricky spot with walkers surrounding them.

It was a triumphant moment for Ezekiel as he no longer wanted to be seen as a ‘king,’ and it was a sad moment for audiences because we lost Shiva who became a meal for walkers; in all truth she sacrificed herself to protect her owner. That was gut-wrenching to watch, just as Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry made their way back to The Kingdom, with news that wasn’t the greatest for its residents.

Loved this episode, but next week’s episode looks quite riveting with the return of Negan and Father Gabriel, and the question of a traitor amongst the Saviors (we all know its Dwight) comes front-and-center. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!