HOLLYWOOD—Last week we were treated with the return of Negan to The Sanctuary and reclaiming his title as the big dog in charge. This week’s episode, ‘The King, the Widow and Rick’ delivered a bit more madness for “Walking Dead” fans as we edge closer to the mid-season finale in 2 weeks. Things kicked off with The Kingdom, The Hilltop and the Alexandrians ensuring the war against the Saviors continued without any hiccups. The crew utilized letters as a form of communication, I mean this is great to see; rarely do you even hear about people writing letters nowadays.

Well, well this is interesting, Jadis and her trash people have resurfaced, but little does Jadis and company realize that a bloodbath may be headed their way. Maggie was not 100 percent on board with Jesus’ mission to save lives. Jesus you didn’t lose a husband and in such a brutal manner, so tread carefully with the wording you use with this woman who not only wants revenge, but deserves it. Carol and Jerry found themselves in a strange place with Ezekiel refusing to make his presence known.

Rick, you are indeed a brave one coming to visit Jadis all alone, especially after this woman betrayed you, shot you and nearly killed you. He attempted to barter a deal, and Jadis per usual made her coy threats. Rick are you nuts, why in the world would you even consider a deal with a woman who has already shown that she is not loyal. Got to say, I was happy to hear Rick deliver threats to Jadis and her crew; join him or prepare for a slaughter. Jadis rejected that deal, so all bets are off. Gregory did his best to showcase his prowess to Maggie, but she was not buying anything he was selling. Gregory is a coward; plain and simple!

This is a welcome change: Rosita is back in the flesh! I was wondering when we would see her face again, just as Daryl had a conversation with Tara where she expressed her desire to kill Dwight to avenge the death of Denise. Man, I totally forgot Dwight was culpable in Denise’s death all those years back. Jesus found himself letting his guard down as the captured Saviors did their best to get inside his head. Michonne updated Rosita of her concern about the war against the Saviors and ensuring all is going according to plan. The ladies heard loud sounds from a distance that raised concerns about distracting the walkers from the Sanctuary grounds.

Carl came face-to-face once again with Sadiq, that guy who was begging for food a few episodes ago. While Carl has a big heart, he should be careful of trusting complete strangers. What in the hell is wrong with that kid trying to take on walkers with a stick against Carol’s wishes. Carol came to his rescue, and did her best to talk a bit of sense into the little one, who wanted vengeance against the Saviors who killed his brother. I love Carol’s motherly presence. Maggie made one smart choice, but also made a bad one. She allowed the Saviors inside the walls of The Hilltop, but also chose to rid the place of Gregory and his betrayal. As suspected, those Saviors are up to no good and Maggie was prepared to take shots to send a message; don’t mess with her.

Carl and Sadiq tackled a group of walkers, and soon ran into a situation where not only were they outnumbered, but it looked like Carl was on the verge of meeting his maker. Carl you might want to allow the professionals to tackle walkers. You’ve grown in the years, but you ain’t your father or Daryl buddy. As it turns out it was music coming from Saviors who were looking to save their camp from utter destruction, but a tennis ball led to gunfire being exchanged. Rosita and Michonne did battle and Rosita blew a Savior to literal pieces, but not before one of the Saviors managed to escape with music in tow, but Daryl and Tara stopped her in her tracks with a garbage truck of all things. Ezekiel continued to drown in self-pity, but it was Carol that got him to let his guard down. I’ve always known that he had feelings for her, but it was the fact that she never heralded him as a king, that made him realize he was a human being just like everyone else.

Aaron poured out his soul to Enid and Maggie about the death of his lover, just as Maggie made it crystal clear to Jesus, that if the Saviors are not needed they will be killed. Enid wanted to tackle along with Aaron to ensure they were victorious in the war. Tara, Daryl, Rosita and Michonne arrived within feet from the Sanctuary where they witnessed the camp swarmed by a horde of walkers.

The final moments of the episode witnessed Rick being held captive by Jadis and her crew from a distance, as she wrote an ‘A’ to warn her crew of something big to come. Hmm, this does not look good people. While I don’t think Rick is a goner, an unexpected surprise is certain to cause a ripple in Rick and his crew’s plan to take out Negan and his minions once and for all. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!