HOLLYWOOD—Danger still lurks on “The Walking Dead” people. Daryl and Dog learned that in this week’s episode ‘Rendition’ which witnessed the duo under the capture of the nefarious The Reapers. Daryl attempted to divert attention from the enemies that managed to nab him, but was unsuccessful. The moment you think you are safe, that is the moment you are not safe people.

So this is interesting, that woman Leah, who Daryl got Dog from made her return to the series. Guess what, she is a member of the Reapers. Hmm, this would explain why Daryl was not immediately taken out by the threat people. Daryl was drugged before he found himself being water logged by the Reapers. Oh, that is a brutal and I mean a brutal tactic to say the least, which only fueled Daryl’s anger more people. They wanted information on his other allies, but Daryl was not willing to share any information. I would really like to see what the Reapers are planning because the blind attacks seem a bit lacking motivation.

Daryl being blessed by a priest as they watch from a distance? C’mon explain to me exactly what is taking place. We see the presence of a man who deems himself ‘God’ and he was quite angry to say the least. Jeez, this episode is so boring. Where the hell are we going here? It just feels to be dragging, and I mean dragging to go absolutely nowhere it feels.

So exactly what are the Reapers planning to do with Daryl long-term? I guess the one exciting element was seeing Daryl and Leah from the past fighting their way out of a torched barn. Daryl fought ferociously to destroy wood panels and break glass in their escape. It looks like the Reapers have turned on one of their own and rather that was a test or not has me totally confused. If anything, I think they only made Daryl angrier than he already was. Nope, Daryl found himself welcomed to the group, hmm, will he infiltrate or just react with violence people.

This Godlike figure seems like the leader to a cult, and these people are eating up every single word that he speaks. They are indeed traveling down a dangerous path; one that we know will end in blood people. Sacrificing one of their own by tossing them into the fire shows loyalty people right? I would argue that is not the case, but we could be looking at another mini Negan in the making people, and I still haven’t caught his name. This was a dull episode people, perhaps one of the worst I’ve seen in the series in years.

Each episode should be leading to more chaos, and I felt the audience got stuck in a time warp where I couldn’t understand what the impact of this story would have on this narrative. Next week we return to Alexandria, and I’m hoping the storytelling aspect is a lot faster than what it was this week. Until then “Walking Dead” die-hards!