HOLLYWOOD—It has been awhile since we last discussed the madness on the AMC hit series “The Walking Dead,” people, but the must-see guilty pleasure returned on Sunday to finish the second half of season 7. When we last left-off, Negan delivered more bloodshed on the residents of Alexandria, but not before Rick and the others finally culminated in what looks like a revolution fans have been waiting for.

This week’s episode ‘Rock in the Road,’ saw Rick and the others return to their roots and meet new acquaintances that can help them stop Negan and his army. The episode kicked off with Father Gabriel taking over watch duties in Alexandria, while reading his Bible, unaware of a potential threat lurking. He decided to take hold of all the weaponry in town and disappear. Hmm, what is this guy up to now.

Back at the Hilltop, Rick and the gang did their best to talk some sense into Gregory by revolting. Too bad Gregory was shaking in his boots to go against an army to stop the bloodshed. Edith used a bit of her magic to convince residents of The Hilltop to join in the fight against The Saviors. Jesus took Rick and the others to The Kingdom, where Rick came into contact with a familiar face, Morgan, before meeting King Ezekiel.

He alerted Rick and Daryl of Carol’s state of mind. Rick delivered his offer to King Ezekiel, but he was none too pleased with Jesus sharing the whereabouts of their community. Morgan was stunned to learn Olivia, Spencer, Abraham and Glenn were all killed by Negan; it literally struck him to the core. At long last, a battle is about to brew, but it appeared King Ezekiel wanted Morgan’s take on going to war. Jeez, per usual this guy still fails to acknowledge that sometimes you have to fight violence with violence in order to neutralize the threat.

Carol came into contact with Benjamin who was determined to improve his killing skills. She was none pleased that King Ezekiel was continuing to send people out to check on her to ensure she was safe. It was apparent that Rick and the others had not swayed the leader of The Kingdom to join them in the fight destroy evil. It’s apparent The Kingdom is needed in order to overthrow the tyranny. Rick made it clear that Daryl needs to stay and do what he can to convince Ezekiel to join them in the fight. Got damn, if it weren’t for Morgan and all his ‘love can conquer all BS.’

Things got dicey for the crew as a bomb looked like it could be deadly, but Rosita to the rescue, just as Negan discovered that Daryl had escaped the compound. Yes, firepower is available to send a message to Negan and his crew. Michonne, Sasha and Rick stayed behind to retrieve more firepower, while Rosita, Carl and Tara implemented a diversion to hold off a massive troupe of walkers headed in their direction. Man, witnessing Michonne and Rick take out a ton of walkers with two cars, a piece of rope and some firepower was epic TV people.

Rick and the gang arrived back to Alexandra, but it appeared that Negan was determined to recapture his prisoner. So I guess it was a wise thing that Rick informed Daryl to stay put at The Kingdom. I CANNOT wait till the moment to see Negan and his minions meet their maker by the end of the season. Rick was surprised to see the pantry emptied out, and that Father Gabriel has vanished from civilization. However, Gabrel is not as deceptive as one thinks; he left a note with a clue for the others to locate him.

Aaron found himself in a position of choosing to leave his significant other in hopes of fighting against a tyranny. The gang traveled to the depths of the woods where they discovered they were led into an ambush by members of a new community, led by familiar face apparently, cause Rick was smiling.

Ok, this crew looks massive and could be the definitive factor in helping Rick build the army needed to go after Negan and The Saviors. I’m super pleased that “The Walking Dead” is back, until next Sunday walker die-hards!