HOLLYWOOD—Last week the focus was on Eugene’s journey into The Saviors camp on “The Walking Dead.” This week’s episode, ‘Say Yes,’ saw the action return to Michonne and Rick searching for supplies in their aide to recruit new members to take on Negan and his minions. These two got hot and heavy on several occasions as well.

Back in Alexandria, Tara reassured Rosita that all will be well, yet the vixen was fuming red inside. Yeah, the more I think about it, I can see Rosita making her exit before season 7 wraps; all the signs point to that direction. On the road, Rick and Michonne came across a field where bullets, cars and other supplies were in their presence. The duo discovered a horde of walkers at a carnival park, with plenty of guns for the taking, but it would be no easy task to saw the least. Did that moment where they fell through the roof, leave you gasping?

Rosita decided to do some hunting of her own and was nearly taken out by a walker, while trying to retrieve a gun that was not real. She had a conversation with Father Gabriel about their current predicament and her decision to listen to him instead of acting on her actions. Ok, I love Richonne, but are we going to see a love fest this entire episode?

I will admit it’s a nice shift in the narrative because the first half of this season was indeed brutal for the fans. Tara had a heartfelt conversation with Judith explaining that she is aware of more people, those at the Oceanside, but has yet to disclose this information to the others. This is interesting because they could be the ones to help increase the numbers needed to take out Negan.

Rick and Michonne prepared for their onslaught of the walkers at the carnival to retrieve those weapons they needed. Ok that was neat, seeing a trapped walker fire shots at Rick and Michonne as they found themselves stuck in a car. The lovebirds were able to escape, but found themselves fending off walkers where they were indeed outnumbered. It was indeed an onslaught and fun to watch a bunch of walkers finally get dispatched for a change.

Rick took an unexpected tumble and found himself in immediate danger, as Michonne rushed to his aide. She was numb at the thought that Rick had been eaten alive by walkers, but surprise he was very much alive and knocked her out of her daze. I mean, everyone at home knew Rick would never go out like that people! Rick and the gang were not messing around, as they delivered those guns to Jaydis who was not happy with the delivery. Jaydis is one tough cookie and won’t settle for anything less than what they expect.

Rosita decided to pay a visit to Sasha at The Hilltop requesting her help to take out Negan. As a gift, she brought along a nifty gun with a rifle allowing her rival to take out the man she despises. Hmm, interesting turn of events people because the more I think about it Sasha and Rosita could both bid farewell before the season wraps. Revenge can led to someone’s demise especially if they are consumed with it. Looking forward to next week’s episode “Walking Dead” die-hards!