HOLLYWOOD—For nearly a year I have hated Jadis and the Heapsters, but in the matter of just 5 minutes, the writers for “The Walking Dead” have made me fall in love with this character who betrayed our heroes. This week’s episode, ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’ proved that people are capable of redemption. This is the first time I can recall, the audience really got to see an inside look at Jadis, her vulnerabilities and desire for revenge. As the Saviors invaded her camp yet again, she hid Negan, all the while playing dead to prevent her demise. Lady is treacherous, but she is smart as well. We FINALLY got the opportunity to see inside Jadis’ home and surprise, its clean as a whistle!

Carol was grappling with extreme grief with the whereabouts of Henry, who after last week’s debacle, no one has any idea of where he is. That sentiment can also be echoed for Morgan; yeah, Carol and Morgan are torn into pieces over this kid and I fear it might lead to someone’s demise. However, the duo went off to hunt for the Henry. Dwight is STILL the topic of conversation between Tara and Daryl. Daryl think carefully, because as much as you might want Dwight dead, you might need him for a little while longer. Michonne was torn in pieces over the letter Carl wrote to her, just as she did her best to get Rick to grieve his son, he shut her down. I forgot that Michonne lost her entire family, so she knows precisely what Rick is enduring at this crucial time in his life. Jadis was planning something vicious for Negan, and with that wheel barrel, pieces of wood, salt and Lucille, I fear it’s something Negan will never forget. Negan continued to reassure Jadis that he DID NOT murder all her allies, unfortunately that bat was near inches from Negan’s last breath.

Morgan was certain that he found Henry, but Carol realized her pal was seeing things. It became clear this wasn’t a mission to rescue someone; it was a mission of self-discovery. Negan, even though tied up used a gun and a flare to garner Jadis’ attention. Carol feared the worst after spotting a walker headed in their direction with Henry’s stick impaled inside him. It seemed Morgan had come to grips with Henry’s demise, however, Carol was not ready to give up; she needed to be certain that Henry was gone, whereas Morgan didn’t want to face that reality. Morgan went in his direction, as Carol decided to head elsewhere.

Negan revealed that his wife’s name was Lucille, so we now understand why the bat is so important to our big bad. Who would have guessed of all people that Jadis would be the person to get Negan to open up about his life? Ok, that helicopter has returned once again, so it’s apparent the government is looking for survivors. As soon as the flare went out, Jadis went looking for another, but the helicopter was long gone. The question I have is just how long has Jadis known that a helicopter has been circling the region and what precise partnership does she have with them?

Rick ran into Morgan who was rattled beyond belief, and the two came across a foot and a hand, before being attacked by the Saviors. Here we go again America, some weaklings trying to take charge, unware that their demise is certain to transpire sooner than they realize. Rick tried to negotiate with the enemy, but it was evident. Morgan was NOT afraid to poke the bear and admit he wanted blood, Savior blood to be specific. Morgan’s loud rant attracted a ton of walker’s to their location and gunfire erupted, as Rick and Morgan were unleashed by the enemy to fight off walkers.

I never thought I would say this, but what Rick and Morgan did to betray the Saviors who just rescued them was downright wrong! Jeez, this single episode has me feeling more conflicted than I ever have before. Morgan’s hallucination of Henry almost led to his demise, however, he got the upper hand on Jared; the guy who was responsible for the death of Henry’s brother, finally met his maker and it was well worth the vicious death he endured. Jadis released Negan as expected, but she refused to join him on his journey.

Carol in the darkness of the night managed to locate Henry who was fighting off a troupe of walkers who were mere inches from dismantling him. Carol was an emotional mess after reuniting with Henry, and I was on the edge of my seat fearing something bad would happen yet again, but the writers spared us for now. She returned back to the Hilltop, with Henry in tow which pleased Ezekiel to say the least. Morgan and Rick also returned to the Hilltop, but as echoed in last week’s recap, Morgan’s just mere seconds from fracturing into a million pieces America. I’m dying to know why those pictures Jadis kept are so important to her. Negan was on his way back to the Sanctuary, but he was surprised to come face-to-face with someone who he offered a ride. As he returned to camp, the Saviors were stunned to see their fearless leader in the flesh. Hello, who the hell was the person that Negan picked up? I want to know, I really want to know! However, he wants to keep his return a big secret, just as Dwight and Rosita spied from a distance. Eugene is a target at long last and it’s about got damn time!

During the episode’s final moments, Rick finally read Carl’s letter, too bad the audience would have to wait to discover exactly what those final words Carl left to his father. Next week marks the penultimate episode of “The Walking Dead” before audiences bid adieu to season eight of the series. Until next week “Walking Dead” die hards!