HOLLYWOOD─I really don’t even know where to start with “Days of Our Lives.” We’ve got a ton of details about what happened during that flashback that left me flabbergasted. With that said, we’re now back in the present waiting for those secrets to come to fruition. The lady of the hour is Gabi Hernandez. She has been busying planning her wedding to Eli. It is indeed amazing how things have come full circle. Gabi was originally with Eli before he cheated on her with Lani before she moved on to Stefan before he died and the duo reunited.

There is just one problem for Gabi and Eli: Lani. Lani has been placed in a bad pickle because she fatally shot Stefan and in the process incurred the wrath of Gabi people. Gabi was so livid she wanted to force Lani to pay for her sins, what better way than to force her to end her relationship with the man she loves. So it happened, but Lani has returned with a vengeance and with Kristen and JJ by her side she planned to blow up Lani and Eli’s big wedding that kicked off on Valentine’s Day of all days people.

Kristen is happy that Brady is giving their romance another chance, just as it appears Eric and Nicole are rekindling, while Sarah and Xander are living a happily ever after. Here’s the problem, all three of those couples will be tested to the core, when the truth about Mickey being Kristen and Brady’s daughter and not Eric and Sarah’s is revealed. Xander will be left out in the cold and you better believe a few people will want some revenge.

The other big secret is the revelation that the secret is finally out regarding Princess Gina aka Hope and Stefano aka Steve. They have been secretly scheming behind the scenes to breakup John and Marlena. Steve put his plan in action by ‘hunting’ for Stefano with John by his side, only to neutralize his threat and keep him held captive from Marlena. Dr. Rolf hoped to execute a plan to make Marlena believe her one true love had died, but she’s no idiot. Princess Gina drugged John, who thought he was looking at Marlena. When the truth was revealed he was stunned, and Gina was not pleased with his insults.

Marlena on the flipside was getting closer to Stefano, but was the Phoenix in for a surprise, when he disclosed his true identity to the woman he has pinned after for decades. With that said, Marlena seemed to be pulling a ruse on Stefano, who later discovered after that kiss that he was in the company of Hattie, not Marlena. Yeah, a duped Stefano is never a good thing people. This led to Marlena get a leg up on locating John who was on the verge of meeting his maker courtesy of Gina and her dagger. Steve ended being shot by Chad after struggling with a gun, and sought treatment by Kayla of all people, who is still in the dark that Steve is not Steve.

In other Salem news, Ciara was reeling with the news that Ben’s execution for the murder of his sister Jordan was underway. Look, Clyde and Ben don’t have the best relationship, but the guy is willing to fall on his sword for his son. So what does he do? He decides it’s time to bust out of prison, and an escape is in route, but without hiccups. Why?

Ben took a bullet in his quest to escape, and found himself being rescued by his love, Ciara. With that said, Ciara is hiding Ben at the DiMera mansion and guess who stumbled upon the guy, Chad! Yeah, it’s no secret Chad is not a fan of Ben Weston, and why should he be after all the mayhem he put not only himself, but his child and his wife Abigail thru. I’ve said it before Ben is a murderer. You cannot come back from that, at least not in my eyes, when it’s done with such viciousness.

So with Gabi’s world about to crash yet again, we all know it’s only a matter of time that she rises again from the ashes, and we all know when it comes to revenge no one does it better than Gabi Hernandez people.