HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I was getting a bit bored with “The Young and the Restless” because it felt like we were constantly recycling the same storyline of the Newman family going at war. However, when you throw in Billy Abbott it turns what could be a lackluster narrative into something explosive. When we last chatted, Billy was working with Alyssa to get that story to the national headlines involving Adam Newman and that murder he committed in Kansas that Victor covered up.

Well, since we last spoke things exploded and I mean exploded in a major way. The war between the Newman family simmered, but it exploded between Billy, Victor and Adam. Adam has issued threats, and the fact that Adam threw in Billy’s face the death of his daughter, oh, it exploded the war, and Billy decided to print that story and the ramifications are spreading like a wild fire in Genoa City. Sharon, Ashley, Jack, Faith, Nick, Victoria, Chelsea, Connor, Victor and Nikki are all feeling the brunt of this mayhem. Victor noted he would take down Chancellor Communications, as did Nikki when she threatened Lily. It was laughable watching Nikki issue threats, I was like seriously take a seat lady, you have been irrelevant in the storyline department for months, if we’re being honest, the character hasn’t had much to do for a year or longer in my personal opinion.

With that said, Billy is not backing down and it looks like Chance is getting caught up in the melee, with Chance worried about the tale of Vegas coming out. Yeah the Abby and Chance romance has fizzled greatly if anyone wants me to be honest. In other romance news, Kyle and Summer are planning to leave town to get married and drop the bomb on everyone when they return. There is one major problem: no one believes their romance will last, not Jack, not Phyllis, not Nick and that says a lot people.

Kyle and Lola’s divorce is final, but it’s apparent the two still have a flame for one another and if I’m being honest, I’d rather see these two together than Summer and Kyle. Could temptation get the best of Kyle yet again, time will tell, but it seems to be pointing in that direction. I called this weeks ago, so I want to tout my victory in calling it, with Amanda and Devon’s bond strengthening leading to impulses between Nate and Elena. Yes, Elena has been insecure about her relationship with Devon ever since news of Amanda being Hilary’s twin came to light. She has been frustrated, worried and that uneasiness ultimately led to Elena not just sharing a kiss with Nate, but having sex! Yes, these two went there and I never expected that, and the guilt was eating both of them alive.

So now that they have slept together, the question we all want to know is what will Nate and Elena share with their significant others. A better question to ask is what will Devon and Amanda do once they learn the truth? What fans have known since the moment Amanda arrived in town seems to be happening right in front of our eyes. I am trying to think if there is anything else that has transpired in GC that is worth chatting? Hmm, Kevin and Chloe are about to deliver their bundle of joy, but that seems to be all. Yeah, the thing to look out for is, who was Adam talking to on the phone and his decision to NOT be pushed to do something that he hoped would never come to fruition. Adam knows plenty of people and knows how to wield power just as good if not better than his father Victor.

Whoever and whatever that decision is, it seems the ramifications will have extensive impact on GC residents. Something tells me in particular Billy or Victoria if I’m being 100 percent honest, nope, it was Chelsea, who got knocked unconscious after Adam decided to shut off the power at Chancellor Communications unaware of the chaos that was about to transpire. Hmm, will Adam confess to his misdeed?