BEVERLY HILLS—The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has suffered five water main breaks throughout Los Angeles in the past several days and two of those breaks occurred in Beverly Hills.

On Tuesday, May 12 a water main burst near the 8300 block of Blackburn Avenue, releasing around 20,000 gallons of water onto the streets of Beverly Hills. The rupture occurred in a 6-inch, 90 year-old pipe, at around 5 a.m., causing a spring of water to shoot into the air.

Some roads around the area were flooded including Blackburn Avenue, which was closed until mid-day. According to the LADWP, water was shut off for the area within an hour of the break, leaving around 20 to 30 residents without water for the morning.

Later that day another pipe burst in Beverly Hills less than 2 miles from Blackburn Avenue. Just before midnight on Wednesday, a four-inch, 93 year-old pipe burst near the 600 block of N. Crescent Heights Boulevard. Officials arrived to mediate the situation. According to the LADWP, around 40 to 50 customers will have low water pressure until Wednesday afternoon.

The LADWP believes the five water main breaks are unrelated and are unsure of what exactly caused them, attributing blame to the possible age of the pipes.