PACIFIC PALISADES—Weapons and ammunition were found at a home on Palisades Drive on Saturday, July 18.

A man was found decomposed in his car outside the same Palisades home on Friday July 17.  The body was reported at around 5 pm by the man’s fiancé, who later came to the house and discovered the weapons. There were over 1,200 guns and numerous ammunition.

The man had died on July 4 in a Santa Monica parking lot after feeling unwell. 2 of his friends and his fiancé were present and had tried to help him. He had told people that he worked undercover for the government. After his passing, his fiancé figured a government agency would handle the body, so they left the body in the car near his house. The fiancé did not come back for another 2 weeks.

The bomb squad was called in to remove the weapons. Neighbors were evacuated as the bomb squad performed their duties.

Ammunition technicians use X-ray like appliances to explore the inner workings of a bomb before trying to disarm the device. Members of the bomb squad wear protective suits called EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal); which are suits that are specifically designed to withstand a blast.

A bomb is usually not moved from its original site because modern bombs are unstable and can explode during transportation. Bomb disposal is usually carried out where the bomb is found.

The Los Angeles Police Department Bomb Squad consists of 14 officers, 2 reserve officers, and 2 bomb dogs. They respond to all suspected explosive threats. According to the LAPD, about 35 percent of the 900 calls they receive each year involve an actual explosive threat.

The bomb squad also responds to firework threats, as they are explosive materials, and many children and adults are injured annually while handling fireworks. Fireworks are illegal in most cities of Los Angeles County.

People who have encountered explosive materials or have received bomb threats should evacuate their location and call 911. It is advised that they use the landline as cell phone transmission can trigger bombs.