WEST HOLLYWOOD—Due to recent news from Los Angeles County Public Health Department, newly eligible groups of people may now receive the vaccine, which include education and childcare, emergency services and first responders, and food and agriculture. The city of West Hollywood announced the news from the Los Angeles County of Public Health to residents of the community in order to spread the word. 

On Tuesday, February 23, West Hollywood hosted a COVID-19 panel discussion on YouTube where councilmembers and professionals in the medical field alike held a long question and answer on COVID-19 and vaccines.  Currently, the state of California is in Phase 1A and Phase 1B where eligible Californians are healthcare workers, long-term care residents and the aforementioned new groups. 

West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath issued the following statement in a press release:

 “Getting vaccinated is critical in our aim to get back to normal. Our Public Health officials are continuing to get as many vaccines out as quickly as possible. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently announced its emergency-use authorization for a third vaccine, which will expand supply, and I’m relieved that LA County has announced expanded vaccine eligibility to include countless essential workers who work in education and childcare, emergency services and first response, and food and agriculture. If you are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, please do so as possible to help protect yourself and your loved ones.” 

LA Count yof Public Health along the city of West Hollywood are urging people to follow CDC guidelines to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

To view the West Hollywood YouTube Covid panel visit WeHoTv on Youtube. For more information on West Hollywood coronavirus updates visit: www.weho.org/coronavirus.