UNITED STATES—Who knew that The White House Correspondent’s Dinner would become such a celebrity filled event. I had never even heard of this event until President Barack Obama got into office, it was like this small kept secret, but all of a sudden it has become this celebrity-filled media frenzy event that is the hottest ticket in town.

Well, it used to be. The stars were still out on April 25 to attend the shindig, but the level of star power was not as big as it has been in previous years. Perhaps people are starting to realize the notion of maintaining the presidency is not a popularity contest, which at times it seems Barack Obama has become.

He might be one of the most notable and perhaps well-recognized President’s that I can recall in my lifetime. It seems like the guy is everywhere all the time and people can’t just get enough of him. For those not in the know, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner allows the big time media outlets to ‘invite’ celebrities to join their tables. It’s like an invitation to the big dance and everyone wants to be apart of it. With all due respect, it seems like an event catered towards comedy and showcasing a lighter, less serious side of our President.

At this year’s ceremony, “SNL” alum Cecily Strong played master of ceremonies taking jabs at the president as well as notable event in the political arena. Some of the jokes were hits some of them not so much, that one about African-Americans males was a bit cringe-worthy and considering that riots are literally at unspeakable proportions in Baltimore, Maryland, that was indeed no laughing matter at all.

The stars came out dressed in their best attire; remember it’s not all about them, even though it truly is about them.  No matter how much people attempt to explain to me the importance of this event I still don’t get it. It makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I don’t recall the event being popular when Bush was in office. I wonder if it’ll maintain that same level of notoriety when the next president is ushered into The White House in 2016.

The slew of media outlets covered the event as if it was an inauguration of some sorts; it was for the celebs in attendance not Mr. President himself. Perhaps this “Dinner” could be more geared towards raising funds for non-profits or fighting particular causes throughout the country. Perhaps the President can get in a room and discuss some political, economic and health issues that are plaguing everyday Americans.

I feel like the State of the Union Address which happens only so often, doesn’t really tackle the issues at hand like they should be. Instead of talking to the members of Congress, how about addressing that attention directly to those who have voted you into office, because I feel like the latest notion when it comes from running or becoming president is more about popularity? Is that really what we’ve diminished ourselves to? Voting for politicians who we feel are popular or just like us? America we are much better than that.