UNITED STATES—A board room trusted by nearly 1,000,000 clients from 175,000 organizations, including over 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

A board room that increases project efficiency by up to 95 percent.

A board room with industry-leading data security and ease of governance.

Keep reading to get even more evidence that iDeals is the best choice for your board of directors!

What is the iDeals board portal?

iDeals is a highly secure and intuitive board portal software for data storage, board collaboration, and governance. Also, the solution streamlines compliance with government regulations, enables smooth paperless board meetings, and promotes effective communication among board members.

The iDeals board portal users are companies of all sizes, from startups to corporate giants such as Deloitte and KPMG. As for industries, iDeals is most popular among financial institutions, non-profits, investment banking, biotech, real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology.

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How does iDeals work as a paperless meeting solution?

To help you understand how the solution supports board meetings at every stage, we share a comprehensive overview of what you can do on the platform before, during, and after the meeting.

Before meetings

  • Create, organize, and share agendas, issues, and supporting resources
  • Send and manage invitations for individual agenda items or the whole meeting
  • Update agenda to remain focused on critical matters
  • Share drafts and information before meetings for effective action planning and data-driven decision-making

During meetings

  • Meet in person or through a mobile app or website
  • Broadcast a meeting to participants
  • Capture discussion points and notes
  • Initiate actions, assign owners, assistants, and approvers, and set deadlines
  • Vote during a meeting and create new decision points on the go
  • Automatically send notifications for accountability

After meetings

  • Automatically send reminders
  • Provide statistics about the progress of an action item
  • Give secure and easy access to all questions, decisions, and actions
  • Automatically create meeting minutes
  • Provide easy access to frequently used documents
  • Ensure compliance with processes and security management

What are the iDeals board portal benefits?

By choosing this online board meeting tool, you can expect the following benefits:

1. Easy data access from anywhere

With iDeals virtual boardroom, digital meetings become more efficient and flexible as board members can access board packages anytime, anywhere. It’s possible thanks to the following features:

  • Real-time notifications for new activities and documents in the platform
  • A user-friendly mobile interface for accessing information and documents on the go
  • A full-text search function that allows users to find the documents they need quickly
  • A robust Q&A system that facilitates discussion and increases board engagement
  • SOX-compliant audit trail for eliminating the risks of data security breaches
  • User activity tracking to control viewing, printing, and downloading of documents

2. Improved board collaboration management

This board management software not only streamlines data access but also facilitates collaboration. In particular, you can benefit from the following capabilities:

  • The latest document versions are uploaded to the central board portal platform and are automatically synced to all board members’ devices. This way, all parties work from the same page, regardless of location.
  • Since board portal technology provides eight-plus levels of role-based document permissions, admins can grant or restrict access to ensure robust security.
  • A board portal app for iOS, Windows, and Android access enables users to use the board portal across devices.

3. Military-grade security

Without the proper technology, sharing board materials can create the perfect conditions for data breaches. Luckily, all of these risks disappear with the board meeting management software. Here is how its security works:

  • iDeals complies with industry standards such as SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications. Additionally, the provider ensures that all components of essential systems are Tier 3 (2N) redundant, guaranteeing an industry-leading 95% uptime.
  • To protect your data, iDeals encrypts it using a 256-bit SSL/TLS protocol. It also requires two-step authentication, which involves using a password and a text code.
  • Dynamic watermarks and fence view prevent unauthorized document distribution, while the remote wipe function revokes file access permission across all user devices.
  • Finally, to comply with industry regulations, the provider keeps audit logs documenting each action in the board portal software.


As you can see, iDeals security mechanisms provide ironclad protection for sensitive data, while the user-friendly interface ensures ease of use and accessibility. The result is a harmonious and highly efficient virtual board software that meets the needs of modern business leaders.

Since the provider offers a 30-day free trial, you can test all the features and benefits before purchasing!