ATLANTA—A 24-year-old woman was shot during a protest and vigil for Rayshard Brooks the evening of Friday, June 19. The incident, involving a series of gunshots, occurred near the Wendy’s restaurant on University Avenue where Brooks was killed one week ago on June 12.

Canyon News obtained a portion of the incident footage. Reggie Inkagnedo is the person filming and speaking in the video below, which captures the woman getting hit in the leg as well as the moments before and after.

According to the video, upon the woman getting shot, Inkagnedo shouts “she’s hit!” and “it almost hit me” several times as others rush to help. The woman falls to the ground which, on screen, appears to be very close in proximity to Inkagnedo. The suspects are not seen in the video.

The individual recording the scene also shared longer live stream content from that Friday which is posted to their YouTube account. In the additional footage, the police arrive about six minutes after the woman is shot and an ambulance arrives shortly after. A protester also shoves a police officer who was helping the gunshot victim. Canyon News contacted Inkagnedo for more comments on the experience that night.

A crowd of people gathered on Friday, June 19 in memory of Rayshard Brooks and to protest his death from a shooting that involved two police officers. New information about the shooting at the vigil has not been released by the Atlanta Police Department at this time.