WEST HOLLYWOOD—Officials from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department  deputies arrested a man on Thursday, March 22 for stabbing one woman and throwing a knife at another individual on La Brea Avenue and Lexington.

The victim was attacked while waiting for an Uber with her friend. The suspect appeared disheveled and bruised in the face, when arrested by authorities as seen in a video uploaded online.

According to Wehoville.com, deputies from the LASD worked with the Beverly Hills Police Department and Los Angeles Police Department to find the suspect. He was taken into custody by officials at around 2 a.m. The name of the suspect has not yet been released to the public.

The victim in that stabbing posted the following comment on the Wehoville.com website :

“I am the victim that was stabbed in this article and I will have to say I am thankful for how fast the police responded to this-there wasn’t any other homeless people or anything out of the ordinary going on in that area at the time. Things happen unfortunately and I think the biggest thing I would say is I wish I would have been able to defend myself; I am definitely carrying pepper spray from now on. Be aware of the area you are in and be prepared if anything was to happen.”

This incident is not the first incident to transpire in the region in recent weeks. On March 4, a man was stabbed to death in the 7100 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, after getting into a verbal altercation with a suspect. The weapon used in that crime has not been discovered and authorities have not made any arrests.

Anyone with details on the incident is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500. Anonymous tips can be forwarded to 800-222-8477.