UNITED STATES—I hate working out, there, I’ll admit it, but if I don’t get off my bum and move my body the list of health problems will just grow substantially. I mean I know we’ve all told ourselves at one point or another I’m going to work out at this time every single day this week.

The problem with having a set workout time is that it requires discipline. It’s so easy to get distracted; I mean you could be on the verge of jumping onto the treadmill, the weight bench or the elliptical when a phone call causes one to lose all focus.

So what plan have I implemented to ensure I get those 45-60 minutes of physical activity each day? I’ve carved out a distinct time frame, at least a 2-hour period to give flexibility. That way if I don’t do something at a distinct time frame, I’m not beating myself up about it. To make things easier, I choose to always eat a snack before my workout, but at the same time, not to pig out after working out. Defeats the purpose of working out, if you plan to divulge in all things bad for you, why exercise to begin with.

The one tool I’ve learned about workouts is not to time yourself. If you are continuing to look at that clock to determine how much longer you have before your workout ends, it’ll drive you crazy. It’s almost like time slows down to a halt when you’re doing something that isn’t as fun as let’s say playing sports, video games, watching a movie or something else. That theory that time flies when you’re having fun is so true, the problem: when you’re not having fun, time does not fly at lightning speeds to say the least.

Music helps with any workout, but in my opinion watching an episode of your favorite TV show or a movie makes time fly even faster. Especially, if you’re watching a show that knows how to get you so sutured; you actually forget that you are working out.

Varietizing the workout is good as well, one day the bicycle, one day the elliptical, the next strength building and a then a combination of different things. Doing the same thing over and over will get a bit tiresome for most people! People tend to have the impression that working out with a partner or multiple people tend to boost a person’s ability to push harder. I would actually argue against that because some people’s level of intensity in a workout is not the same as another person.

Rather you choose to work out in the morning, afternoon or evening is completely up to the individual. Some people have more energy during the early morning hours; others tend to do so post work and dinner. I don’t know too many people who work out during the afternoons; perhaps for those who have an off day or works very late at night.

People work out for 1 of 2 reasons: to stay healthy or to obtain that body image that everyone wants (rather it’s that six-pack or toned tummy and gluts); you’re motivated by something. Let that thing be the catalyst to make you move your body on those days where you think you can’t do it.