HELLO AMERICA!—One of my most talented production writers and musician friends, Ross Chappell, posted that he, too, was a victim of sexual abuse, rape and all the rest of it at an early age. It affected him in every possible way down through the years. He feels extremely grateful that we are at a point in our nation in taking serious legal steps to deal with this sickness which has touched nearly every level of our social system.

Personally, I was especially gratified with his admission because I, too, was raped at the age of six and has never forgotten the experience no matter how hard I have tried. Having the guts to write about it in my book “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” helped tremendously

Ross released the following for all those who feel alone or hesitant to open up concerning their experience with sexual abuse and the painful affect it has on many people who are at a lost in handling or coping with such an experience.  HE NOTED THE FOLLOWING:

I’m sorry friends. This post is painful. I’ll make it and my request as brief as I know how, congressional session was hard. I have said before that I’m a survivor, but saying something specific feels necessary today. If you’re feeling unmoved by all that is happening, I hope you can take a moment and listen. Please try.

I am a molestation, rape, and sexual assault survivor. These things happened when I was aged 9–13. The last time I was assaulted, at 13, my attacker was a popular sports hero at my school, where the attack took place. The self-blame and self-loathing were already deeply imbedded, and that led to more of the same. (And I told myself it was minor, that I’d experienced much worse.) He laughed at me. I was convinced no one would believe me. Sadly, the power dynamics at play mean people likely would have believed him over me. It happens over and over again, mostly to women, and it wrecks lives in many ways and on many levels.

If you vote Republican, your voice will weigh more with your Republican senators. Please call them and urge them to vote no or insist on a full investigation. This small act is no small thing. Please call.

No judgment. No vilification. This is just a straightforward request from someone who survived. (You don’t have to agree with me about the process or about his temperament or his politics.) I finally started therapy in my mid-20s, and that helped slowly, but surely, but the harm done has still caused so much pain and heartache, for me and for loved ones in my life. I still have a therapist and a host of magnificent friends who love me and support me. I still do work to navigate life and relationships in as healthy a way as I can. I ask for help when I need it. I am deeply grateful for all of it. There is more to say in the long, ongoing conversation about this topic, about rape culture, about the horrors we visit upon women and the additional pain and challenges forced on WOC. For now, I’ll leave it at my request because that is the reason for this post. I know so many people who are survivors. So many. Please honor their struggles and their survival by speaking up.

Friends who are fellow survivors, whether you’ve told everyone or no one, I see you. I hear you. I believe you. And I always love you. Thank you, Dr. Ford, for your courage. Thank you. I believe her!