HELLO AMERICA—A young lad living in a foster home in Oakland during the early 80s is suddenly faced with a major decision to leave his easy life in Palm Desert for the glitter and fantasy life of Hollywood. George Jovan, painter, musician, sculptor has been making quite a name for himself living and socializing among the rich and famous in a world where many of the industry powers quietly retire, spending money they had earned producing, directing at one of the studios or production companies in Tinseltown.

Jovan, who had gotten to know many of the rich and famous of Palm Springs was easily accepted in this group of production creators because of the never-ending fascination for art and sculpture. When invited to a party introducing English filmmaker, Spiri Noble, he never believed the producer would consider him, George Jovan for his film “Blue Boy with a Smile.”

Jovan was totally surprised when Noble tapped him on the shoulder and said, “You’re the Blue Boy I’ve been looking for.” Jovan admitted he was totally surprised by the approach and quickly responded with, “Blue Boy, whatta you talkin’ about?” Noble quickly apologized and explained who he was, searching for the perfect actor as the lead in his film. When Jovan indicated that he wasn’t an actor, but loved films and, of course, classical plays, especially “Hamlet,” this admission resulted in the director exploding with, “I knew I was right. I’ve been searching for someone like you. You not being an actor is what I’ve been looking for. The character has to be innocent, hungry to survive, someone anxious to try anything. And it’s important the audience feels and sees this desire in his every move.”

George admits that when offered the role, he believed at first the guy might have had too much to drink, but the longer they talked, he realized that he was on the level. Noble suggested they have lunch the following day at the Ocotillo Hotel; the meeting resulted in a screen test. It only enhanced his notion that he had found the actor who could give him the look, innocence necessary for the character he created.

Jovan quickly acknowledges this film opportunity is something he never imagined possible growing up in a foster home in Oakland.

The screen test was quite simple; he was only directed to show different views of his body, smile, responding to a few questions about his childhood and why he enjoyed creating sculpted images. Noble noted he was quite impressed with a response that George offered when asked why he enjoyed creating images or busts of people. George’s answer simply was, “I believe deep down, many of us have a desire to play God, an innate hunger to be in control.” This response was so unexpected and so genuine, the director remembered he was speechless for a minute. “I knew that this guy was the one for the story!”

The movie is set to begin filming in December with locations to include that of Oregon, Utah ending in New Mexico. Jeff Nishimura is being set as director.