Display Ads
(Height X Width)
Full Page (per issue) 21" x 11.5"   11" x 8" $1,750 $1,159 $909
1/2 Page (per issue) 10.5" x 11.5"   5.5" x 8" $910 $539 $419
1/4 Page (per issue) 10.5" x 5.7"    5.5" x 3.917" $598 $389 $309
1/6 Page (per issue) 7" x 5.7"   4.125" x 3.917" $436 $259 $209
1/8 Page (per issue) 5.25" x 5.7"   2.27" x 3.917" $332 $189 $139
Business Card
(per issue)
1.75" x 2.75"  1.75" x 2.896" $130 $105 $69
Banner Advertising (online) 100 H X 150 W pixels $85 $50 $20
Classifieds (online) 50 words or less $20 $10 $6
Classifieds (printed issue) 20 words $40 $30 $25

Artwork Service
Layout and design of a new ad is available for 20% of ad rate for first issue. Any changes made to a camera ready ad will incur this design charge. Canyon News retains the rights to ads designed by staff of Canyon News.
Color Fee
Color ads will be charged a fee of 20% of the regular 1x rate per week.
Camera Ready Ads
Display ads which do not conform to the above size requirements will be reduced or enlarged as necessary by our production staff. Four color process is available for an additional fee. Artwork sent via email must be sent as a tif with 300 dpi and saved in CMYK. Ads submitted for the online edition must be submitted in pixels. Canyon News reserves the right to edit or to remove any ad. Email materials to
Camera ready ads are due by 5:00 PM on the Wednesday before print. All ads to be designed are due 12:00 PM the Tuesday before print. All classifieds are by 12:00 PM on the Tuesday before print.
Published weekly and distributed every Sunday to 40,000 readers throughout
the Canyon (see above for specific areas.) Canyon News is offered on the Web and acquires over 70,000 hits per month.
Non Profit Agencies
We understand what it's like to be fighting for a cause. Therefore, Canyon News offers 25% off on regular rates to all non profit agencies.
Rates are subject to change without notice.