MAINE—From April 23 to April 26, The American Sign Language Club and the Department of Linguistics at the University of Southern Maine will host the 2014 Maine Deaf Film Festival. This will be the 12th annual event for the club, which will include guest speaker Arthur Luhn who is a deaf director. Attendees will also get the chance to see Luhn’s movie “House Across the Street,” and they will be able to ask him questions.

According to the event’s Facebook page, a few of the other deaf films that will be shown include: “A Life Without Words,” “Hear Me Out,” “Dansen in Stilte,” and the documentary “Benefits of Sign Language.” For most of these films, participants of the festival will also get the chance to ask questions to the films directors, and producers. Movies not including ASL will provide captions.

The location of Luhn’s movie will be at the Nickelodeon Theatre located at 1 Temple Street inPortland, while the location for the rest of the films will be at the Talbot Auditorium.