UNITED STATES—Canyon News was founded by a young lady with the genius idea of creating an unbiased newspaper, a go-to place for people that yearned to hear the truth in the news arena. Aspiring journalists are permitted to exercise their freedom of expression in the Point of View section of the paper.

On Monday, November 30, an individual exercised their right by slamming President Donald Trump.

It is an honor to debunk the misinformation that was reported about the President of the United States of America.

The truth is that even if one does not care for President Trump’s dynamic personality, you can’t make up your own facts.

Attacking the Commander-in-Chief and not showing any respect for the office says a lot about a person than it does about the President of the United States.

President Trump simply sought office to fix things for the American people. He came in like a much-needed repairman after what multiple news reporters referred to as, “The failed Presidency of former President, Barack Obama.”

Photo Taken 2014

It was argued that President Trump separated migrant children from their parents, with pictures depicted by the media in an attempt to back up this claim. Those pictures were inaccurate and were actual photos from 2014 where migrant children were sleeping in detention centers in cages, when Barack Obama was President of the United States.

It is against the law to enter the United States illegally, yet parents brought their own children across the U.S. Border placing them all at risk of deportation.

US Border Patrol and Protection and the Department of Homeland Security reported a multitude of unaccompanied children used as a ploy for the adults to get into the U.S.

Research indicated that many of the children in question were not related to those they were traveling with and were at risk of being abused and sex trafficking.

The same holds true for Haitians who returned to what was deemed “Disaster-ridden Haiti.” For individuals seeking amnesty, fleeing prosecution, or seeking protection from their native country.  There are many benefits for people who seek asylum in the correct manner.

It has been argued that President Trump sprayed, peaceful protestors for a photo opportunity, but the President did not spray anyone. He called in the National Guard to Washington D.C., and other riot struck areas to stop the vandalism, assaults, and looting. Democrat Mayors and Governors refused the President’s help and asked for the U.S. Army National Guard to be removed. There was even suggestions that President Trump cut the Pandemic Early Warning System.

According to the White House website, on January 31, 2020, President Trump issued Proclamation 9984 (Suspension of immigrants and non-immigrants or persons who pose a risk of transmitting 2019 Novel Coronavirus[COVID-19] and other appropriate measures to address the risk.

Reports indicate there were 100 reported deaths at the time President Trump restricted travel. Former Vice President, Joe Biden called President Trump’s decision to impose travel restrictions, counter-productive.