DETROIT, MI—Friday, May 29, a 19-year-old man was shot during a protest at approximately 11:30 p.m. around cross streets, Bates St. and Congress St. and taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital.

According to reports, shots were fired into a crowd from a gray Dodge Durango and the Detroit Police Department has confirmed that the man has died.

There has been no video footage of the shooting online but Neighborhood reporter, Brandon Hunter tweeted while on site and confirmed that “People were on the scene trying to rescue him. It appeared that he was shot in the chest.”

Another tweet by Hunter said, “Talking to someone who was standing over the victim when they were trying to revive him, the shooting happened on Bates and Congress.”

Video of the protesters and Detroit police have been released on Facebook. The man video recording reports that people in the crowd are yelling, “somebody shot, somebody shot.”

Shortly after ambulance appears in the video.

No suspect has been named yet.

Canyon News reporter called the DPD but detectives could not be reached.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke to reporters and stated that “a command officer was struck by a rock” and “another officer was on a bike patrolling and a vehicle came very close purposely to hit him. That person is in arrest.”

He also informed reporters that there have been 6 males and 3 females arrested. 7 out of 9 are from outside of the city of Detroit.

Craig went on to say, “Let me be clear, if you really believe that black lives matter, we are still battling COVID. I am a COVID survivor. African Americans are 2-3 more likely to get COVID or die from COVID, so do us a favor, if you live outside the city, why don’t you protest in your own town? If you do want to come down and make a statement, do it in a peaceful way.”