HOLLYWOOD—Last week the audience learned a valuable lesson when it comes to “Revenge.” If you seek it, you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. This week’s episode ‘Clarity’ followed the aftermath of Margaux grieving the loss of her child at the hands of her quest for vengeance against Emily Thorne.

She wasn’t the only one shedding tears, as Emily was overcome with grief, and Jack, David and Nolan were by her side to assist. Victoria mourned the loss of what would have been her first grandchild. Margaux confessed to Victoria that she was using Lyman to obtain information on Emily Thorne, who wound up dead.

Nolan was a bit surprised to see Louise back in The Hamptons after burying her brother. She dropped a bomb on her hubby asking for a baby. Nolan as a father seems to be a big stretch. During a board meeting, Victoria was not happy to learn that the hospital is not willing to dedicate the new wing to her late son Daniel Grayson.

With a snap of a finger, the rivalry between Victoria and Emily is back on. The Queen Bee made threats to Ben about Lyman’s suspicious death. Stevie Grayson decided to unleash a wrath on Emily about her usage of placing Jack’s life in turmoil over her vendetta to obtain vengeance. Wow, does Emily have anyone in her corner, it seems like everyone is turning on her.

Nolan was a bit surprised to hear that Victoria stopped by to pay her ‘condolences’ to Louise about Lyman’s death. I fear a friction is indeed imminent in their relationship, as his wife seems to be questioning his allegiance. Margaux was not pleased to know that her henchman already put things in action to take care of Emily Thorne, even against her will. Once the wheels are placed in motion it’s impossible to halt them.

Emily updated Nolan on her plan to clear Jack from the truth about Amanda Clarke. Stevie asked David to intervene with his daughter about her choices, and they played the blame game. Nolan and Jack shared tales about their personal issues, and Nolan unleashed details that Lyman’s death was no accident.

That information should have been kept secret, as Louise heard all of the heartbreaking details. Sad face right now, but I was happy to see Nolan and Louise make peace with their relationship. Unfortunately, I fear that a new tale of revenge is about to be weaved.

Marguax met with her secret partner, where my interest was peaked beyond belief. What is the true identity of this person, and why is she going to such great lengths to keep things hidden. Stevie and David did their best to mend fences, just as Emily attended the big groundbreaking. She was a bit surprised to see Jack in attendance. Ben was a bit taken aback to see Emily and Jack on television together.

The final moments were a stunner to say the least, as Emily decided she had some words of her own that she wanted to share. This woman who has weaved a big web on the community for years, decided to reveal the truth to the media; that Daniel Grayson took a bullet to save her life. Emily revealed that she is David Clarke’s daughter; she is Amanda Clarke. Now that the truth is out, what will be the fallout? Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!