2010’s Top Must See Moments For TV

HOLLYWOOD —Fans have three big reveals in 2010 that they desperately want to see unfold. Canyon News readers have spoken. Over the past two weeks e-mails and calls have come in and readers, who monitor my TV columns and articles, say they definitely want to see more of Ashley Jones, who portrays Dr. Bridget Forrester Marone on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” and also want to see more of her character Daphne, a shape-shifter on HBO’s “True Blood.” Jones is open to anything that keeps her working on “B&B” and would be also open to doing outside primetime projects, if her schedule permits. Jones has made it known to our readers over the past year how she loves working for Bradley P. Bell, one of the most talented producers and head writers in the industry and loved jockeying to the “True Blood” set as the sexy shape-shifter who is now heartless, but is she dead?


Jones’s fan Bobby Head from Alabama says, “Maybe Daphne was made a vampire by Eric before she was killed and her heart removed by Eggs and Maryann? Ashley Jones is one of the hottest young actresses today and it would be great to see her on ”˜True Blood’ as long as we can see her also on ”˜B&B.’” While Jeff from Australia says, “My wife Alma loves to watch Ashley on ”˜B&B’ and I became acquainted with her work by reading your articles about her on both shows. She’s not only beautiful, but talented and I bet if anyone can find a way to bring Daphne back to life, it’s Alan Ball.” Surely Ball can do so, as Bradley Bell is known to give the beautiful young star some of the best storylines any daytime actress has ever had. With his tutelage Jones has gone from being a great actress to one of the industry’s best actresses.


Here’s to hoping for that big reveal on “B&B” when Bridget finds out that her husband Nick has not only kept secrets from her involving the surrogate Sandy, who is carrying their child, but that he’s shared those secrets with her mother, Brooke who was once Bridget’s one-time competitor for Nick’s heart and love. Fans also say that they sure look forward to seeing more of the dynamics between Bridget and her former step-daughter and half-sister Hope Logan, who their mother had with Bridget’s first husband Deacon. This year is going to be a great year for “B&B,” with Ashley Jones and Bridget ripe for Bell’s incredible storytelling. While “True Blood” fans just don’t want to let Daphne go, they feel she’s Sam Merlotte’s one chance at making a good life for himself and finding his own happiness.

Then there’s Stephen Moyer who portrays vampire Bill Compton on HBO’s “True Blood.” When season two ended, Bill was being dragged off by a kidnapper who used silver to disable the vampire from his ability to protect himself. Fans want to know who kidnapped Bill and why? Stephen Moyer’s amazing portrayal of Bill is one that millions of fans have come to love and appreciate. His ability to touch his audience is in no small part to the credit of the actor’s great theatrical training. Though working for genius Alan Ball is also nothing to turn your nose up at.


Fans want to know all about what happened to Bill and if he and Sookie will survive Eric’s meddling and werewolf Alcide’s interference? Viewers can’t get enough of the Civil-war era vampire who tries his best to put a positive face on being part of the undead in today’s society.

Also in 2010 “Y&R” fans tell me they definitely hope that it’s Sheila who is wreaking havoc on Lauren Fenmore lately. The two divas have faced off over a dozen times. Sheila is perhaps the most dangerous woman in the Western hemisphere. Having been the most dangerous villain on “The Young and the Restless” and it’s sister soap “B&B,” fans know that even though she was apparently killed off a few years back, that Sheila has more lives than a cat. With Lauren receiving a black rat in a gift wrapped box a few weeks ago and this week Lauren and Phyllis were talking about the possibility that Sheila may actually be still alive, can the she-devil of Genoa City be lurking around in town? Some of Sheila’s deeds include, kidnapping babies, shooting and poisoning her enemies and locking her psychiatrist in a dungeon not to mention cold-blooded murder. With Maria Bell’s brilliant revamping of “Y&R” being talked about in the daytime TV industry, she is the one to bring Sheila back from the dead. Here’s a peak of Sheila Carter in one of her most infamous resurrections from the dead.  YouTube – Sheila Y&R promo commercial – Remember Me

2010’s biggest TV moments for fans of “Y&R,” “B&B” and “True Blood” have Stephen Moyer, Kimberlin Brown and Ashley Jones on their short-list for actors and characters they are dying to see more. Though readers remind me that Ashley is wanted and needed on two shows.

Photographs Courtesy: Ashley Jones [Bridget, B&B and Daphne, TB], Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip TV Productions, Kimberlin Brown [Sheila Carter with Lauren Fenmore] by CBS Television Studios and Stephen Moyer [Bill Compton] by HBO Productions.