True Blood Anticipation, Fever Pitch

HOLLYWOOD—Fans at this point are in fever pitch-mode in anticipation of season three of “True Blood”, due to return in June 2010. Casting surprises have been leaked, actors are even being quoted as saying, this new season is even more shocking and surprising than ever. We’ve recently talked about everyone from Jason to Tara, from Eric and Sookie to Bill and Lafayette. Sam’s family will be coming out of the woodwork and fans are expecting some powerful actors like Emmy-winning actress Alfre Woodard to appear in a pivotal role on the series. With so much anticipation and excitement going around for Truebies, we wondered what the most popular existing characters have in store for them.


Alexander Skarsgard, Eric

Viewers want to know where vampire Bill is, who kidnapped him, if Sookie will fall for the werewolf Alcide or Eric, if Sam will finally find happiness and what else is in store for all the other residents of Bon Temps. Bon Temps is French for good times. Though tough times would be a better description of our favorite Louisiana town. Viewers have bombarded all the Web sites, fan-sites and HBO’s official boards are buzzing with excitement. Even though Alan Ball is the creative genius behind it all, his fans have just as many ideas and they express them with great joy and anticipation. Though they all love and respect Mr. Ball’s ideas, they are solidly behind their favorite characters and express themselves eloquently about their hopes for the future in season three.

Truebie Nia says, “I find the cast of characters extremely believable. That is incredible to me, since it is a show based on fantasy. Kudos to the creative writing, and the acting talents which have catapulted this show to the phenomena it is.”

“I’m excited about adding yet more characters to the mix and seeing how Alan [Ball] intertwines them all into his version of the books. There is no better show in my opinion than ‘True Blood.’ It is not just a vampire show, it is a show that showcases many social issues as well. More and more people are catching on to the show. A lot of my family and friends wanted me to explain it over the holidays and said they will rapidly catch up so they can enjoy Season 3 as well,” stated Jaxx.


Nelsan Ellis, Lafayette

Preacher says, “Our leaders have been hailed as saving HBO. Well, I am not sure that is true but they surely have put the spice and excitement back into cable television. As you mentioned the landscape of reality television programming, hospital and cop dramas has run its course. And thank goodness from this viewer.” While excitement has also been building around new characters, Jason, Eric and even Lafayette are not far from viewers minds and well wishes.

When fan Sheila found out that “Southland” actor Kevin Alejandro will be portraying Lafayette’s [Nelsan Ellis] Latin love interest Jesus Valasquez she commented, “Yay for Lafayette, he is a hunk. He should fit right in with all the eye candy AB has provided for us thus far. Go TB!” Also, fans of Jason’s [Ryan Kwanten] just enjoy seeing the character involved with others on the canvas.


Ryan Kwanten, Jason

New Jersey fan Antonio likes Sam [Sam Trammel] and Jason. Of Jason Antonio says, “As for Jason, Well I guess a lot of guys tune in to see his goofy air brained antics! I think he’s the kind of character that grows on you. He’s a sweet well meaning bumbler. He’s clueless and dimwitted and clumsy but he can be good and loyal too. In season 2 he became sort of the town hero he and Andy At least they tried to clean up the town. Jason and Andy were able to save Sam from that mob. That makes them Ok in my book. [sic]”

Lizzie loves all of the characters but of Sam says, “Sam[…]poor Sam. Such a nice guy and nice guys always get trodden on! He is just so unlucky in love[…]always wanting the wrong girl. I think Sam is like Bill always the tragic hero! Sam is a handsome man both in real life and on the show. He will always keep a candle burning for Sookie, but he really needs to move on. Then, knowing Alan Ball, maybe Sam will be the winner in the long run. Who knows? I know Sam is going to be more tragic this coming season with him finding his family. I bet his brother will cause him more angst!”

All of these brilliant viewers are right. Not only are they eloquent in describing their favorite characters and storylines, but they are incredibly astute. Yes, Eric’s got a big storyline ahead, so does Bill and Sookie, Jason will keep us in hysterics and Lafayette and Sam are surely going to bring added excitement to the series we love to talk about and watch.

“True Blood” is an HBO series. Take a sneak peak at the commercial HBO just released earlier in the week for Trubies. True Blood Season 3 TV Commercial | True Blood News

Photographs Courtesy: Alexander Skarsgard [Eric], Nelsan Ellis [Lafayette]and Ryank Kwanten [Jason] HBO Productions