HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Three people were arrested for potentially inciting a riot at a Babies Lives Matter protest that took place in Hollywood on Saturday, September 3. 

On the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street an anti-abortion “Babies Lives Matter” demonstration was held with about 80 protestors in attendance including counter protestors. 

Pushing and shoving began which prompted police to respond to separate the groups. No injuries occurred. The three were arrested and are expected to be cited and released. 

Law enforcement authorities in California and other states warned about the potential for violence since the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade in June.

Some of the anti-abortion demonstrations that recently transpired in the area are being held by far-right groups including the Proud Boys which held a demonstration at a Santa Monica Planned Parenthood this past summer. That demonstration was met with counter protestors. The organization has been designated as a terrorist group in Canada and New Zealand and played a part in the capitol insurrection.