HOLLYWOOD—Now this is what you call a season finale. I have been harping about the dismal season five of “The Chi” for the past couple of weeks, but last week’s episode and this week’s culmination were stellar. I’ll just say this, ‘I Am The Blues’ is setting the stage for what is certain to be an explosive season six for the series. I don’t even know where to start, but let’s begin where last ended with Douda firing multiple bullets into his mentor Q better known as Quentin.

Yeah, Q is dead people and the Douda we remember from season 2 is back in the foray. No matter what you do a leopard cannot change its spots and Douda made that crystal clear. So much to the point that Victor realized Douda’s latest stunt would put him in a situation that upends his run for Chicago City Council. So what does Victor do? He goes to Marcus and they decide to release that video of Douda beating Marcus nearly killing him.

Before all this happened, Douda’s muscle pulled a gun on Jake at the request of Douda. Why Jake has NOT told his brother about this I have no idea! Thankfully, Bakari was there at a time when Jake needed him most. However, this would set the stage for Bakari to return to his old wicked ways people. Damn just when I thought this character was reformed this is what happens people and Lynae and Papa immediately suspected something was up with Bakari with his new dress clothes.

Bakari I don’t know how to keep this secret from the people closest to you buddy. With that said, Kevin wanted to seek emancipation from his moms because they discovered he was secretly gaming and earning a lot of money. Kevin really? This is so stupid it is NOT even funny. I’m hoping Kiesha can talk some sense into her little brother. Darnell and Jada got married and moved into their new home so all is happy on that front, but let’s get back to Douda because he is at the core of the chaos this episode.

He’s connected in major places. Remember how Tiffany wanted to know who Rob’s connect was? It was Q, and now that he’s out of the mix, Douda is now pulling the strings. He is also intertwined with Rob. Yeah that reveal slightly blew my mind because all of our core characters are about to be connected to Douda and most don’t even know it. That brings me to Emmett getting into business with the Devil, even after that video leaked and Kiesha was nervous that Emmett is not aware of the danger he’s toying with.

I have to agree with Kiesha here, it is looking more and more that season 6 will bring plenty of bloodshed. I mean you have Tracy wanting to cut off ties with Douda, even after Victor warned her to steer clear, she ignored his warnings anyway people. Tracy OPEN YOUR EYES, this guy just murdered the father of your deceased son. He’s reckless with his behavior and it’s going to make you culpable down the line.

Maisha had her big moment with her song being played on the radio, thanks to Jemma utilizing a small portion of her college savings to help promote her artist. I love this bond between Jemma and Maisha people. Shaad was ready to spill to Deja that he cheated on her, but that was halted when she revealed that she wanted him to move in with her.

A major storm is coming because I sense Victor’s beard is about to become pregnant and she’s going to pass of Shaad’s child as Victor’s and that is about to get real messy. How so? Victor declared his love for Fatima in the public sphere and even shared a kiss with her that yielded loud applause, but what happens next? Victor has declared war with Douda even if he doesn’t know it people. I’ll be honest season six of “The Chi” cannot come soon enough because I want to see how all this drama will unfold, but we’ll have to wait till Summer 2023 for those answers people.