MALIBU—Alternative rock group Thirty Seconds to Mars announced earlier this week plans to open Camp Mars, a summer camp based in Malibu that will run from August 22-24.

Billed on its website as a three-day retreat of “non-stop fun” for participants 18 and over, the camp will offer a variety of activities that include hiking, yoga, and meditation. It will also feature interactive, personalized experiences with the band members themselves comprising of front man Jared Leto, percussionist Shannon Leto, and lead guitarist Tomo Miličević. Each day will be capped with a live performance from the group.

Camp Mars logo

Prices for full weekend range from $799 to $1,999, while single day packages are priced at $349 and $599. The packages, made available starting Friday, June 19 at 9 a.m., are on a first come, first serve basis limited to a quota of 550. Overnight packages will feature a number of housing and food accommodations, with supplemental needs or preferences of all participants considered.

Jared Leto shared with Rolling Stones Magazine about the camp’s inception, “We have always looked to do things for our audience that are fun and unique. What better way to celebrate the summer than in beautiful Southern California with the Mars family in full.” Organizers expressed their hope of Camp Mars becoming an annual event.

The band is coming off their two-year long, worldwide Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams tour. Their previous tour, Into the Wild (2010-11) was comprised of 300 shows and was recognized by Guinness Book of World Records for having the most live shows performed during a single album cycle. Upcoming concerts in Dubai, Spain, and Greece will take place in September.