HOLLYWOOD—Cheating seems to be common on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless,” but in the case of Lauren Fenmore guilty is written all over her face. Last week the smooch that had fans buzzing finally happened: Cane and Lauren gave into temptation with a steamy kiss.

Lauren already faced plenty of flack when she cheated on Michael with the crazed Carmine. This time around Michael orchestrated the entire fiasco. His inability to grasp with his cancer has him pushing everyone he cares about far away, even his wife.

This is not good news for Cane, who has already been in the doghouse for keeping the secret from his wife Lily that Devon and Hilary were canoodling behind her father Neil’s back. Lily is sure to give her husband a good talking, not to mention unleashing the claws on Lauren who she considers a good friend. Lily Winters is one person who can hold one hell of a grudge. When she learned what Michael manifested, she delivered a slap to the face, not once but twice. Could this push Lilly into the arms of another Genoa City resident to get her revenge? Time will tell.

Neil has been patiently plotting revenge against his ex-wife and his son who causes his eyes to bleed red every time he spots them together. I can only imagine what chaos Neil has planned for the happy couple’s nuptials. Let’s just say Neil is likely to get the revenge he has been dying for.

The fight for Jabot and Newman Enterprises has become such a bore. If Ashley, Billy, Kyle and the rest of GC can’t piece two-and-two together to realize that Jack Abbott isn’t really Jack Abbott, it’s a sign that the writers think the audience is stupider than I think. One thing is certain, Phyllis was always aware something was off with her hubby, but it seems now more than ever, she knows Jack isn’t really Jack.

Marco, as the audience now knows has a torch burning for Marisa, who happens to be with the real Jack. I find it tantalizing how the writers are teasing that Marco may have been responsible for Austin and Courtney’s deaths, but I don’t believe it for a minute.

For once, I’d relish in seeing Victor Newman get a taste of his own medicine. This is an evil mastermind that seems to find a way to slither out of anything he does. He’s like ‘The Godfather’ who never has to answer for his behavior.

Dylan has made it official that his relationship with Avery is over, as he has moved into Sharon’s home. Wonder how Faith will take the news, knowing that her father and mother have officially moved onto other people. Dylan being the savior he is might find himself drawn back to Avery in an attempt to keep her safe from her ex-Joe. Fans already know Jessica Collins will exit the role in the coming weeks; the big question is just how she will exit the canvas. “The Young and the Restless” airs weekdays on CBS.