MALIBU—An eight year old dog collapsed in 100 degree weather half a mile into a hike on Stunt Road trail on June 10. The Malibu Search and Rescue Team informed The Malibu Times, they were unable to save the dog because he was overweight and many dogs succumb to heat stroke within 15 minutes.

The Malibu Search and Rescue team tweeted on June 6, “#RESCUE of man’s best friend. This #Siberian #Husky named Titus tore up his paws on a long #hike.  Team members hiked about an hour in the remote hills above #westlakevillage. #SearchAndRescue #dogrescue #dogs #DogsofTwittter #dogmom #dogsofinstagram.”

The MSR Team indicated via social media that Titus was treated and placed into a litter rescue basket normally used for human victims and carried back to the trailhead.

In 2018, a 4 year-old German Shepard died from heat stroke ABC San Diego reported. The dog was an experienced hiker, and signs were ignored that the trail was too hot for pets.

The Malibu Search and Rescue Team and veterinarians advise pet owners to be cognizant of the weather before bringing their dog along on a hike. Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat so owners should be aware of excessive panting and drooling as it could be an indicator that they are suffering from heatstroke.

Bringing along water on a hike can help, but experts warn against using cold water as overcooling the dog can cause complications. Since dogs are likely to become victims of heatstroke more often than humans, if the ground is too hot for a human hand it is too hot for a paw. Hiking in the early morning or night when the sun sets provides a better climate for pets. A dog should be in the right physical shape to go on a hike.