UNITED STATES—Texas Governor, Greg Abbott announced Friday, June 21 that he is deploying 1,000 additional National Guard troops to the U.S. border.

After meeting with Congress, Governor Abbot made the announcement during a press conference. Troops will be there to aid Texas Border Patrol agents with the number of immigrants approaching the border.

The crisis at the border is unprecedented. Texas is stepping up once again by sending 1,000 additional National Guard troops to assists in security efforts. The Federal Government will pay for 100% of the costs associated with this mission. https://bit.ly/31PC1sA

Posted by Greg Abbott on Friday, June 21, 2019

The troops will serve the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso sector at the temporary holding facilities and ports of entry. The federal government will pay 100 percent of the costs of Governor Abbott reported. He stated that 45,000 individuals crossed the border in the last three days and that Congress is failing to address the issue.

Chief of U.S. Border Patrol, Carla L. Provost testified before Congress stating that her officers have been working in overdrive to keep up with the record pace of illegal immigrants. She explained to members of Congress that dangerous substances are being brought over by cartels who are taking advantage of weak spots at the border.

“What I do know,” said Provost, “is without a doubt D.O.D. [Department of Defense] has made a difference in our ability to carry out our mission.”

C.B.P Chief Carla L. Provost Testifies Of The Need For D.O.D.

Raids were planned to remove some of the numbers of illegal aliens from the United States.

President Trump gained criticism for putting a hold on raids that would remove many families that were previously notified that they entered the country illegally and will be deported.

President Trump initially informed reporters that raids could begin as early as next week and families have been contacted. The raids will be held back a couple of weeks as Congress works to seek a negotiation deal.