UNITED STATES—An admission essay may seem like one of the most freeform types of assignments to an untrained eye. However, this is a common misconception that can cost you a spot in college. In this article, you will find some of the most prevalent mistakes people make while writing admission essays. We’ll also add some basic rules and admission essay topics.

Some Basic Tips

The main and the most important part of your 2020 application is, of course, the essay. Usually, the topics don’t change from year to year, so you can start preparing way in advance. And if your writing skills are lacking, regardless of how early you start, getting some essay help on EssayHub is not a big deal! Just make sure to forward all your instructions to the writer.

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Choosing the Topic

When it comes to choosing the topic for an admission essay, students often get stressed. Our recommendation here is to, of course, start preparing ahead of time. 

Click this link to see the prompts used in The Common Application last year. By the way, it has already been announced that those will not change! So, use all the information available to you, choose a topic that stands out, and get to writing. 

Avoid the Applicants’ Common Mistakes

If you look at the collective experiences of the last years’ applicants, you can make your conclusions and try not to repeat their mistakes. Here’s what you should do instead.

Select the Right Topic

It might be tempting to pick a generic prompt that has a lot to write about. However, admissions are about putting your soul into the essay in a way that the person on the other end feels something. 

That’s why it’s important to choose a subject that is to your liking, at least.

Answer the Question in Full

Prompts usually contain one or more questions that are to help students develop their arguments. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring some or all of the questions. 

These phrases are there to help you write a better story and to assess your abilities. So don’t skip a word in your prompt; read it carefully to avoid any inconsistencies.


Stick to the Required Word Count

The word count requirement is there for a reason, too. If it was provided to you, it means you have to follow it. Put yourself in the admissions officers’ shoes: can you imagine reading hundreds of essays in a day? 

Your ability to put your thoughts concisely is one of the points that will be assessed as well.

Be Specific

Vague and obscure descriptions will not take you far. This is somewhat similar to describing your work experience. You have to provide concrete numbers and examples if you want the reader to believe you possess a certain skill. 

It doesn’t mean you should submit an Excel table with all your accomplishments instead of an essay, but remember that nobody likes too much fluff.

Mind Your Tone

Informal essays with jokes might work in a high-school setting where you are known as the class clown. But an admission essay is your time to be serious. 

Leave humor or slang for personal conversations. An academic paper like this one should be formal and rather strict since you don’t know who will be reading it.

Skip on the Thesaurus

Many students attempt to make their papers stand out by using more complicated words. But if your entire essay is full of them, the text will be hard to read. There are many amazing tools that will help with the readability of your text.


Leave yourself enough time for proofreading the essay again and again. Ask a friend to do it, submit the paper to some editing tool and then go over it a couple more times. 

Edit without mercy. Upon your final proofreading round, check the prompt again and make sure all the instructions are followed. Check your word count and the tone and see if your essay is specific enough. Then, put it away for a day or two and only then, read it again. 

If it seems perfect, then it’s probably ready.

Final Words

The admission essay is arguably one of the most important essays of your life; take it seriously. Start preparing early to give yourself enough time. Avoid common mistakes and read the prompt carefully. 

Still, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Writing essays gets easier with every word, so spend your time doing that instead of stressing out.