WEST HOLLYWOOD—Renowned songwriter and teacher of songwriting, Harriet Schock, will be starting up new classes for songwriting this week. She teaches a step-by-step method which enables her pupils to become remarkable songwriters. Schock has a proven track record, with students from all over the world. Not happy with just being a coach, she teaches a technique that her students can use now and incorporate in their future songwriting projects.

This 10-week course consists of lessons, which create a solid foundation for writing songs effortlessly. By the time her students are completed with the course, they no longer lack the knowledge to begin writing a song, wondering how to finish it, or have any problems removing unclear or illogical lyrics. Her methods greatly improve the problems with lack of response from listeners, weak melody, less than compelling harmony, and the various other difficulties for beginners. When a student finishes Harriet’s classes, they are no longer impaired or facing doubt.

Schock has taught classes for USC, the Songwriters Guild of America, and Nashville Songwriter’s Association International. The songwriter is a gold and platinum songwriter/recording artist whose songs have been recorded by numerous artists, she has been Grammy nominated and her songs have been used in several theatrical films. Her fourth, fifth and sixth solo CD’s “American Romance,” “Rosebud” and “Harriet Schock Live” are in current release, while her seventh CD “Breakdown On Memory Lane” was just released weeks ago.

Harriet currently stars in Henry Jaglom’s “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” at the Edgemar Theatre in Santa Monica. The play also stars Julie Davis, David Proval, David Lee Garver, Jack Heller, Karen Black and Tanna Frederick.

In addition to performing on stage in singing and acting worldwide, Schock speaks, teaches and consults in persona and by the Internet. She teaches an in-person 10-week class and a correspondence course ins songwriting. She is also available for private consultation. For further information on her upcoming classes or to purchase her CD’s go to HarrietSchock.com or call 323-934-5691.

Canyon News recently reviewed “Breakdown On Memory Lane.” It is an amazing CD with moving and life altering lyrics, which offers inspiration and tears of joy to those who love pop music with soul.