HOLLYWOOD—We’ve only been waiting since the end of season two to find out who stole the “A” game from Mona. Well “Pretty Little Liars” fanatics, the biggest reveal of all came Tuesday night in the season six summer finale, ‘Game Over, Charles.’ MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW, IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE, STOP READING NOW!

We got loads of answers, and I mean loads of answers, but the revelation that “A” is CECE DRAKE left me slightly surprised. The why behind the madness was much more intriguing, in my opinion. Let’s rewind a bit. The episode opened with a time jump sequence with the liars chasing “A” in Radley Sanitarium. “A” is planning to commit suicide as their big secret has been revealed, but Alison, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily have compassion for their tormentor.

“You’ve been such a bitch to us, but we heard your story. We understand,” quipped Hanna. We go back in time, where the liars are searching for Ali who has gone MIA at the prom, and discovered that they were being followed by someone dressed in red, that turned out to be Mona. Mona noted she’s been tracking Alison, and she determined that Charles has his own network at the Carissimi Group.

Ok, did I just see Mr. D being dragged by “A?” What the hell? Alison awoke inside a jail cell inside Radley where she saw pictures of her family, before discovering her dad’s body. The liars, Mona and Sara, worked to decode “A’s” secret lair. Sara mentioned she received a cupcake every day on September 7 when she was trapped inside his dollhouse. That girl was always odd, so when Sara got locked outside the lair, it was no coincidence. Once inside, the liars found a huge touch screen computer with a video where the ladies saw Alison, and the bodies of both Jason and Mr. D., but they are not quite dead yet.

When “A” turned around it was CECE! Oh, my freaking GOD, a bit surprised, but that reveal didn’t leave me speechless. The liars were not completely sold on CeCe being Charles. A flashback scene showed Charles caring for Ali while she was in her crib and decided to give Ali a bath, as Mrs. D was too busy tending to Jason outside. In a heartbreaking scene, Mr. and Mrs. D were seen leaving Charlie inside Radley Sanitarium, with Ali questioning CeCe about why her father wanted to get rid of her. He wanted to play dress up. So it looks like Charles was biologically born a male, but identified as female. Hence the introduction of the transgender plot twist.

Mona admitted that CeCe drugged her to the point where it made her appear to be dead. Another flashback showcased Charles aka Charlotte and Bethany chatting on the rooftop of Radley. Bethany and Charles saw Marion Cavanaugh, and this prompted Bethany to push Marion off the rooftop, and out the blame on Charlie. CeCe revealed that Mrs. D paid off Detective Wilden to cover up Marion’s death as a suicide. She revealed she had been drugged for years, but she was let out for the funeral of Charles who was ‘buried’ at Aunt Carol’s backyard. This is where Charles officially went through his transition.

The liars discovered that CeCe was holding Ali at Radley. They saw Red Coat walking into the building planting a bomb. Another flashback saw CeCe aka Charlotte and Jessica discuss her taking classes at U-Penn. She staged a bomb threat, where Jason came face-to-face with his brother, and didn’t realize it. Mrs. D was livid when she discovered that CeCe was secretly masquerading around Rosewood, and it was evident that Kenneth’s dismay for his son’s lifestyle destroyed their family. The fact that she got a bit too close with her brother was beyond creepy

We discovered that it was CeCe who struck Ali with the rock! She thought her sister was dressed as Bethany, which led to Jessica burying Ali alive. Ok, I’m still dying to come face-to-face with Bethany? Jessica was seen burying Ali as CeCe lost it. Mona revealed that she was responsible for killing Bethany! So Bethany fooled everyone. Mrs. D bribed Wilden once again to cover for her daughter, who felt she would be locked away forever. They learned CeCe used Rhys as a decoy to fund her projects.

We got the revelation that CeCe was secretly meeting Mona in Radley, while dressed in a red robe. Mona was so drugged, she thought she was speaking to Alison and divulged loads of details to her enemy about the liars. CeCe revealed that she didn’t fully trust Mona, but made a deal with her nemesis to continue to play the “A” game.

When the mask was unveiled audiences were surprised to see: CeCe Drake! Photo courtesy of ABC Family/Eric McCandless.
When the mask was unveiled audiences were surprised to see: CeCe Drake! Photo courtesy of ABC Family/Eric McCandless.

She did her best to acclimate herself in the town of Rosewood. When she learned that the liars were happy that Ali was dead, it led to CeCe going haywire. She wanted to avenge her sister. Finally, the real Red Coat is none other than Sara Harvey. Wow, no big surprise, and makes absolutely no sense at all. Back at the cabin, CeCe watched as the liars were pulled from the fire and it was Shana who ignited the flames not Wilden.

She admitted when she left the country, she planned to end the A game, but the addiction kept her from ending the game. CeCe revealed that she captured all of the liars and played with them as her precious dolls. We discovered that Black Widow was Sara as well. Ok, my mind is literally pissed to discover that a new character to season six played two notorious characters fans have been dying to know for years! Sara, really, come on, anybody but her! I’m still trying to figure out who CeCe and Sara met one another, not to mention how that ‘dollhouse’ got built.

The liars tried to piece together how in the world Sara was able to weave such a ruse, as the liars did their best to escape the lair, as Mona stayed behind, needing to know how the story ends. CeCe admitted she found her mother dead. Wow, that means Jessica was murdered by someone else. Start guessing as to who was responsible: Mr. Hastings, Mrs. Hastings, Melissa. Do you see where I’m going with this?

The liars came face-to-face with Sara who armed the bomb, but Spencer comes to the rescue, but not before Emily delivered a ferocious punch to her former flame. This girl gets screwed by people so much is disappointing. Instead of jumping to her death, CeCe decides to surrender to authorities. We then flash forward to the liars leaving for college, as Ali stayed in the town she once hated. In the time jump, we see the liars running into a classroom as Ali is writing on a chalkboard. It appears Ali has gotten married as her last name has changed, and she is a teacher. They are shouting that he’s here, and they have to go right away. Alright now, this is a definitive way to hook the audience after such a big reveal. Who is ‘HE’ and why is ‘HE’ after Alison?

While I’ll admit we got plenty of answers, there are still quite a few things that we didn’t get answers to. We have no clue who killed Mrs. D? We never got to see the face of Bethany Young? Perhaps that is going to play into a larger role in the remainder of season six. Until January 2016 “PLL” fanatics!