HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Scream: The TV Series” ended with one hell of cliffhanger with the killer viciously stabbing Will before taking his body for keeps. But is Will dead? Well, not yet, but Emma would be a deciding factor. ‘In the Trenches’ may have been the most thrilling episode to date, as the suspense factor was at an all-time high. The episode opened with Piper awaking after being knocked unconscious and seeing a trail of blood. Will is still alive, duct-taped and being held captive by the killer.

Emma did her best to get her mother to divulge details about her father, but she remained coy as usual. Why do I have the oddest feeling that Kieran will play a bigger role in this mystery? Audrey and Noah chatted about her latest stint with police, just as they deciphered what Mr. Branson might be hiding. Brooke confided in Jake her situation with her father, before Emma interrupted them about the whereabouts of Will.

Piper intervened and brought Emma, Jake and Brooke to an abandoned warehouse where she revealed that Will was stabbed. They saw a message from the killer that read: “No Cops Emma.” She received a call from the killer who wanted to play hide-and-seek and our tormentor was livid when Emma taunted that her mother told her everything about Brandon James and Daisy. Emma enlisted Noah’s help to locate Will and revealed that he is in grave danger. Brooke confronted her father about his lies, and he did his best to twist the truth. Chasing after a killer in large numbers is smart, as Brooke, Jake, Noah and Emma decided to hunt for the elusive party.

Noah confided to Emma that the killer is totting his ability to utilize his power against her. Noah and Emma entered the abandoned bowling alley. Jake and Brooke joined the party, and disregarded the most important rule of any horror flick: “Never split up.” Even if Noah shouts it out, no one ever listens. Jake did his best to woo Brooke during an inopportune time. Noah suspected that Jake may have a bigger hand in Will’s disappearance than what he wants everyone else to believe.

He called Brooke out on her secret affair with Mr. Branson, before Jake decided to go MIA. She found herself all face-to-face with the killer. Noah and Emma rescued Will; just as Brooke managed to escape the killer’s clutches and seek shelter with Noah, Emma and Will. Noah did his best to get in contact with Audrey, but the reception was horrible. Audrey alerted Emma’s mother and the Sheriff about Will’s predicament. Emma saw “B4” carved in Will’s back, where Emma searched a book case and found a tape about her dad.

Once again, stupid characters take front and center, as Emma decided to venture out in the bowling alley all alone. She played the tape and learned that her mother slept with Brandon James. Hmm, I pegged this for quite some time. So our killer is likely the love child of Margaret and Brandon James. The killer struck, but the entire gang managed to escape with only minor injuries. Emma confessed to her mother and Sheriff Clark that the killer is playing a game where Brandon James is at the root of the madness.

Emma received a call from Will; well it looks like the Kieran and Emma fling has extinguished, as her heart for Will has blossomed again. Noah and Audrey discussed the ramifications of near death, which prompted him to suspect that perhaps Jake and Will orchestrated everything that transpired.

The final moments of the episode saw Emma receive another call from the killer who had risky game in play. Will was chained to a seat, with a large chainsaw ready to slice him open. Emma ran to his rescue, unaware that she just tripped the wire that led the Will’s horrific death. That was indeed a twist that I did not see coming, but a welcome surprise. Until next week “Scream” lovers!