BEVERLY HILLS—My mother once said, “It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the person who brought you into this world, you owe respect to her because she is the reason you are here.”

Luckily, I had an amazing mum that always put her children’s interest before any others, including herself. She worked hard to build the American Dream so that her children could have a better life… and we did!

I’d often hear people talking badly about their mother and it always sat poorly with me. Some just look at the glass as being half empty but others have a legitimate reason to dislike their mother. However, no matter who you are, there is something to thank your mother for.

Jacob, Kurt and Andrew
Jenny’s three boys, Jake, Kurtis and Andrew.

Jenny Moss is a tremendous mother and was a special friend to me during the loss of my parents. Even though, she has three adorable children, who are mature way beyond their years and hadn’t experienced loss by way of tragedy in her life, she always knew just the right thing to say to me.

She wasn’t afraid of being there for me even on difficult days. She just knew how to be such a good friend.

Last June, Jenny lost her son Andrew. He was 22.


I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of a mother bringing a child into the world and having to put them to rest long before their time. All I can comprehend is the pain I feel from losing my mother, a pain that was unimaginable and life changing.

A few weeks ago, after having a difficult day, Jenny put her thoughts into a lovely poem that I want to share with all of you, especially those that have a missing child at the dinner table for their Mother’s Day celebration.


By Jenny Moss

Andrew my baby…

I’ve loved you for so long

There’s never ending pain inside

to know that you are gone.


I laugh with you, I hold you

I kiss you in my mind.

But I wake up, I’m alone again

and pain is all I find.IMG_0028


I think about you everyday

and all your unlived years.

And once again I find myself

crying endless tears.


If only I could hold you

and touch you just once more

The tears would still be coming

but happy ones would pour.


I look outside and wonder

Jenny Moss with son, Andrew
Jenny Moss with son, Andrew

how life can just go on.

I want to say to everyone

“What are you doing? 

My baby’s gone.”


The pain I have inside my heart

I feel will never end.

Can only look forward 

to the day we meet again.


Happy Mother’s Day to every mother and here’s hoping your house is full of love, laughter and good vibes today for your Mother’s Day memory.