Tag: grief

Death Is A Complicated Thing People

UNITED STATES—It has been a hell of a past two weeks for me people, how I have not fallen to pieces I have no...

Do Not Bottle Your Emotions People

UNITED STATES—Emotions can be a rollercoaster people. Some days you are on a high and then other times you can be on a low,...

Death Looms In Crazy Ways

UNITED STATES—There is one thing in life that we are all promised: death. A tragedy recently transpired in my personal life where a close...

Death Strikes Unexpectedly

UNITED STATES—Death, it is indeed something that is part of life. It happens all the time, and for some people it happens unexpectedly; to...

Death Is Scary!

UNITED STATES—There is one thing promised to everyone in life: death. Yes, death can be scary and while I don't fear it, I tell...

A Mother’s Day Memory

BEVERLY HILLS—My mother once said, "It doesn't matter if you love or hate the person who brought you into this world, you owe respect...
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