HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a turn of events “General Hospital” fans. I knew the return of John ‘Jagger’ Cates and the promotion of Anna Devane was tied to Jason Morgan’s return from the dead in Port Charles, but Valentin Cassadine is proving he is an enigma unlike any other. I truly suspected that Valentin turned over a new leaf in the past two years on “GH,” but that is not the case.

In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed last week that Valentin is now at the helm of Pikeman. The organization that is aimed to taking over Sonny’s port, but we don’t have all the details as to WHY? I do love this allure to the mystery as I’m trying to connect the dots with the breadcrumbs that have been given to the audience. What is Valentin’s motive here? Why in the world would he want to take out Sonny unless there is something in it for him? Could it be money or is something bigger at play here, like Nina?

The audience knows that Brennan and Valentin are lifelong friends, and the Cassadine is worried about Anna learning what he has been up to. Those two have been foes in the past, but became a couple that ultimately exploded, so them being enemies once again would be a very interesting dynamic to watch unfold on the series. This is where Jason’s return has caused a lot of hiccups. Valentin wasn’t aware that Jason was secretly working under the alias Alan Jacobs and no one was aware of it. We know he has been secretly working for the FBI and that Anna, Sonny, Carly, Sam, Ava and a few others are just getting those details.

Yes, Sonny really does not trust Jason anymore and I can understand. Jason didn’t pull the trigger on Dante or the various attempts on Sonny’s life. Sonny has literally cut out Carly and Jason from his life, as Ava Jerome has become his close confidant and that has me wondering.

Ava seems to almost be wooing Sonny who placed a kiss on the mother of Avery and Ava knows that Nina is desperate to rekindle her romance with her husband. They have not divorced yet, but something tells me Ava is involved in this potential takedown of Sonny and could that open a can of worms if that were to transpire. Valentin has noted that the goal is to mess with Sonny’s meds to cause him to have a Bipolar episode. Ava if you get wind of this or you’re involved in this considering your role in Morgan’s demise, we could be seeing the beginning of the end for Ava Jerome.

We are seeing Jason’s kids, Danny and Jake battling one another, as Danny is proving to be more like his dad, while Jake is taking more of Elizabeth’s genes. This has Sam worried who has banned Danny from having any interaction with Jason for the time being. Jason is lucky Dante awoke from his coma and informed Anna that Jason did not place a bullet into him, if anything he was responsible for saving his life. That helped Michael post the massive bail for Jason that Diane was able to make happen.

So Jason has quite a few people in his corner, who MIGHT not be in his corner is Dex who has been offered a job as an actual cop with the Port Charles Police Department courtesy of Commissioner Devan. Man, I didn’t see that coming from a million miles away, as Joss already severed that tie out of the blue. However, could this help those two rekindle their romance?

It looks like the wedding date for Chase and Brook Lynn is being pushed up as concerns about Gregory’s health have the lovers concerned. Sasha and Cody are starting to explore the potential of a relationship. The chemistry is there and they have indeed shown a level of care with one another, but I am eager to see what unfolds because Sasha deserves to be happy after everything she has endured in recent years.

Nina is back at Crimson, and I don’t know if this is just me, but are the writers preparing a possible Drew and Nina hookup? It feels that way, and if not Drew and Nina, Drew might be orbiting around Jordan and that would be intriguing. Bad news for “GH” fans Nicholas Chavez is out as Spencer, which makes me concerned about the narrative for Trina and if the character will re-emerge and who will take on that role that Chavez totally made his own.

Cannot forget the biggest tidbit that I think is pushing a REAL ROMANCE between Jason and Carly, Anna realized Jason is an FBI Informant not to protect himself, but to protect Carly. Yes, that changes everything people.